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The Canadian flag represents a promise of a better life, Trudeau says in the message of Canada Day

Prime MinisterJustin Trudeaure-commits to national values ​​such as respect, hope and kindness in the official CanadianCanada Daymessage. I'm calling on Canadians.

The Prime Minister said that national holidays are an opportunity to commit to the values ​​represented by maple leaves, adding that the flag is not just a symbol.

"It's also a promise, a promise of opportunity, a promise of security for those who escape violence and war, and a promise of a better life," he said.

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Celebrating the holidays with people, Convoy protesters (often dressed in the Canadian flag) who oppose the COVID-19 restrictions will gather in Ottawa on Friday.

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In a message, Canada, with a population of 38 million, is due to diversity from indigenous peoples. For those who have been here for only a few weeks.

"Whatever our faith, no matter where we were born, our color, our language, our loved ones, we are all equal members of this wonderful country," he says. I did. "And today we celebrate what we all call home."

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Canada embraces the traditional territories of many indigenous peoples and is home to more than 38 million people of diverse backgrounds. Today we celebrate whether they have been here for weeks, months, years, generations, and the country we love. Happy Canada Day!

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau)July 1, 2022

The Prime Minister made a clear reference to the treatment of indigenous peoples, including housing schools, talked about Canada's "historical mistakes" and said that history cannot be changed, but efforts can be made to build a better future.

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In the official message of Canada Day, Governor Mary Simon collaborates with Canadians to create an inclusive society. He said he needed to build.

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She tells people each other Learn from each other and listen to the indigenous peoples of the land we live in, which encouraged us to be kind to us.

The Governor will give a speech at a formal celebration in Ottawa on Friday, with the Prime Minister attending.

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