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Canadians donated $ 26.4 million to the Conservative Party and $ 18.1 million to the Liberal Party in 2021: Audit

The Conservative Party of Canadaraised the most money in the Federalist Party in 2021 and reached 26.4 million in a turbulent year that ended in election defeat and speculation. Brought a dollar donation. The end of Erin O'Toole's leadership.

According to audited financial statements submitted to the Canadian Election Commission, the number of people who funded Tory with only $ 6 million more than the parties collected in 2020 ( 95,000) increased by about 5,000. Year-on-year comparison.

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Justin Trudeau'sLiberal Partybrought $ 18.1 million from 75,800 donors, about $ 3 million more than in 2020. And the conservatives took a $ 29 million loan that was fully repaid in early 2022.

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Bloc Québécois raised another 500,000 In 2021, 11,300 donors totaled 2 million Donated dollars.

The NDP and the Greens' annual statement are not yet publicly available.

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Otur's election studio was funded by the Conservative Party and cost $ 1 million. T: Source – November 25, 2021

Audited financial statements include the year ending December 31, 2021 and the Governing Liberal Party in mid-August. Includes a 36-day election campaign called by and ended in September. 20th, 2021. Spending during elections is usually higher than in other years.

Both parties increased advertising, with Brock spending $ 1.5 million, the Conservatives $ 8.8 million, and the liberals $ 15.41 million.

By comparison, both the liberal and Tories spent about $ 500,000 on advertising the previous year.

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Speculation began in the summer that Trudeau was planning to call for a sudden election, with many observers in the majority. It is said that it was an attempt to win.

That didn't happen, but the Liberal Party seized the minority government and has since signed an agreement with the NDP to ensure they continue to rule until 2025. Election preparation for several years.

Shortly after the votes were counted, speculation about the future of Outur as the leader of the official opposition began. He was banished by a caucuse in February 2022.

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