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A charity golf tournament honoring beloved Ottawa police officer and paramedic Bruno Gendron

"It's amazing how much my uncle is known in the community and how many people support this amazing cause.

Natasha Hurtubise is the niece of Bruno Gendron and organizer of the charity golf tournament being held in honour of the Ottawa police officer and former paramedic who died in 2020.
Natasha Hurtubise was Bruno Gendron's niece, Photo by Ottawa Police Officer and Ex- ERROL MCGIHON /Postmedia

Beloved Ottawa Police Officer Family 2020 A paramedic who passed away in 2007 is holding a golf tournament to continue his legacy of giving back to the community.

Bruno Gendron worked as a paramedic before choosing to change his career. and joined the Ottawa Police Force, making an impact throughout his dual career and instrumental in the campaign to equip Ottawa Police Cruisers with life-saving defibrillators. Gendron's niece, Natasha Hartubys, said in an interview Tuesday that she had attached and adored him to so many.

To honor his memory, Hurtubise founded the Bruno Gendron Open. This is a charity golf tournament and the first iteration will take place on her Friday, August 12th at the Hammond Golf Club.

Hurtubise's first goal was to raise $15,000 for their opportunityin a tournament. But she's already at least doubled that number, she said. More money is likely to be raised when her silent auction, which includes prizes such as televisions, tickets to the Ottawa Senators game, smokers, and spa packages for her, so the entire amount raised will go to the event. is not counted until the

It's all thanks to her generous sponsors and community supporters who knew her uncle and were touched by his charming spirit and easygoing demeanor.

"It's amazing how much my uncle is known in the community and how many people want to support this amazing cause," she said Hurtubise.

This golf tournament will also bring together many who knew Gendron to celebrate his life. He died at the age of 47 in November 2020 after suffering a heart attack while riding his Mountain bike near Kasselmann.

"Many of his friends and colleagues will be there who could not necessarily come [to the funeral]," said Hultubiz. "I would like to make it something of a celebration and honor him wholeheartedly."

The family of Bruno Gendron, a beloved Ottawa police officer and paramedic who died in 2020, is organizing a charity golf tournament to continue his legacy of giving back to the community.
Family of Beloved Bruno Gendron, Ottawa police officer and paramedic who died in 2020 to continue his legacy of giving back to the community hosts a charity golf tournament. Photo by Handout

Gendron's friends and relatives say he's an Ottawa amateur, thanks to his hockey roots deep in his scene. I explain that it is someone I know. He was a passionate player, referee, coach, and Eastern Ontario. rice field.

"He was always looking for talented kids, but he couldn't always afford to play hockey, so he found sponsorships so they could play," she said. That's how many people knew him because of his involvement in the community.He was always the first to go to help people."

Their opportunity was It emerged as an ideal reason to honor the memory of Gendron.

"What he was doing in the community was what their Opportunity was doing on a larger scale," he said, Hurtubise.

"It's perfect because we can reach out to multiple kids and reach out to multiple sports."

She runs a golf tournament. Since deciding to do so, Hurtubise has been overwhelmed with an outpouring of support from the community. The 160 available spots filled up quickly, leading to long waiting lists. Next year's second event will need to be scaled up, she said.

"Just thinking about it makes me emotional," she said. “I am truly overwhelmed with all the work we have done and all the support we have received from our friends, family and community. I know... I'm proud to continue his work without him."

Hurtubise accepts donations by wire transfer to . tournament details.

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