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The mayor says the child dies after being left in a hot car while the mother teaches at a high school in Ontario.

The mayor said the Ontario community was upset after a 23-month-old boy was accidentally left behind in a hot car outside the school his mother taught and died. say.

Bankloft, Ont. Mayor Paul Jenkins, a close family friend who has known the family for 30 years, says Everett Smith has repeatedly tried to revive him withNorth Hastings High School teachers and rescue teams. Nevertheless, he said he died on Thursday.

Everett's mother is a school teacher, Jenkins said. According to the mayor, her mother was supposed to drop her son into day care in the middle of her work.

Jenkins said no one noticed that Everett was still in the car until the end of school day. That day, most of southern Ontario was warned of the heat, and the temperature reached its thirties. The highest temperature recorded atBancroft that day was 27.1 degrees.

The Ontario Police Departmentwas called to school at 3:45 pm. For children who find that there are no significant signs. Police said the child was taken to the hospital by ambulance but was soon sentenced to death.

"This is a tragic and immeasurable accident with a child in a hot car," Jenkins told CTV News Toronto on Monday. "It's just full of sympathy. It's one thing no one can imagine."

"The whole community is shocked and upset."

Everett is two people I was one of my children. Jenkins said his brother was five years old.

"They are a great family and her husband is a fire department volunteer," Jenkins said. "Their children are everything to them."

Jenkins encouraged the community to have "compassion" for their families and acknowledged that Everett's death had "widespread effects." rice field.

He said he was calling on everyone to "support the family and support each other."

"It was very traumatic," he said.

North Hastings High School declined the request for comment. Hastings and Prince Edward District Board of Educationspokesperson said in a statement that he was aware of the school situation, but made no further comments.

On Monday morning, a small flower monument was placed outside the high school.

In aFacebook postlast week, the school stated that it had canceled 8th grade graduation due to an "emergency at school".

Bancroft isabout 100 kilometers north of Peter Barra and 244 kilometers from Toronto.

The OPP said a death investigation was underway in collaboration with the Chief Prosecutor's Office in Ontario.