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Opposition movements in downtown while the city was preparing for the return of "freedom" demonstrators

Counter-protesters gathered in front of the Oscar Peterson statute on Elgin Street on Thursday in anticipation of "freedom" demonstrators on Canada Day.
Opponents gathered In anticipation of Canada Day's "Freedom" demonstrators, before the Oscar Peterson Act on Thursday at Elgin Street. Photo: Lilian Fridfinnson / Postmedia

National War Memorial in protest of vaccination obligations on his last cross-Canada journey Marched into the mansion — James Topp faced resistance from some Ottawa residents, including members of the local military community.

"It's a shameful march," said Clayton Goode, a veteran accountability committee veteran and CEO who publicly condemned the use of military images by "freedom" protesters. Win said.

"Stop using our country's memorials and the unknown tombs of my companions for right-wing political propaganda," he said.

Goodwin, along with members of the Community Solidarity Ottawa (CSO), a coalition of residents, workers and community groups, will stand in front of the Oscar Pearson Act outside the National Arts Center on Thursday and will be the top plan. Opposed to. demonstration.

The Army reserve top was charged in February with two acts of order and discipline prejudice against comments made while wearing his uniform. Since then, he has led a four-month march from Vancouver to the capital.

Topp's march and the imminent return of "freedom" protesters for a planned demonstration on Canada Day occupied downtown Ottawa a few weeks ago. "Free Convoy" raises concerns about the return of the protest. Year.

And the January and February "Freedom Convoy" protests began as demonstrations of vaccine requirements and COVID-19 restrictions, but many vaccine and mask obligations were abolished and public health orders were issued. Although reduced, CSO members are concerned The motive of the protesters is that James Top of "Figure Head" will lead the army to advance a radical and very correct agenda.

"It's not really the case with mandatory vaccines. If so, why are they still protesting? About the far right," said CSO spokesman Brian Latour. Says.

Topp recently called for the establishment of a "Canadian Citizens' Union" or "C3" to discuss "advancement" in protest of vaccination mandates and lost income for Canadians. Supported. He was pressured to take the vaccine on orders and what he claimed. With the efforts of

Topp, he received the support of the front runner of the Federal Conservative leader and Pierre Poilievre of Ottawa MP, who marched through the city on Thursday and joined Topp for about two kilometers. Poilievre said he supported "freedom of choice" and called for the resurrection of those who lost their jobs due to COVID-19's obligations.

Topp has not called for violence, but community members in Ottawa "terrorized the city in January and February as protesters marched and demanded in the city center. I am concerned that I will be affected by the same protest. Resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and occupation of Parliamentary Hill.

Ottawa Center MPP Joel Harden is most concerned about the splitness of anti-mandate protests.

"This is not necessary. Canadians have different opinions about pandemics, so we really need to lower the rhetoric a bit, but in the United States and other countries where people resort to violence. As you can see, we can't do that here. We haven't heard, "Harden said at the CSO event.

"What I've heard has to do with me."

For Goodwin, this sacredness is against the government and while occupying historic buildings. Best illustrated by the use of the Canadian flag protesters as a symbol of freedom and patriotism.

"I'm sick of my flag," he said. "I wore this in my uniform, but now I'm writhing. That's scary."

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