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COVID-19: B.C. Reported initial increase in hospitalization in 6 weeks

British Columbia health officials reported the first increase in hospitalization forCOVID-19in the six weeks of Thursday.

However, the total number of inpatients with COVID-19 was 273, unchanged from last week. The number of ICU patients was 32, an increase of four.

B.C.'s "Census" reporting model counts all positive cases, regardless of why the patient was hospitalized.

BCCDC also reported 620 cases in the week leading up to June 18, but actual numbers can be significantly higher due to PCR testing restrictions.

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A little less than 12,200 tests were run in the week leading up to June 25, with a state-wide test positive rate of 7.5%, 0.2% higher than the previous week. Increased.

British Columbia's weekly data reporting system also provides information on hospitalization and death, both indicators as of June 25, usually significantly over the next week. Will be revised upwards.

For the first time since mid-May, BCCDC reported a weekly increase in hospitalization.

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In the week leading up to June 25, BCCDC reported 169 hospitalizations, an increase of 13 from the previous week. Did. These weekly admissions are also usually significantly revised the following week. By the way, the number reported last Thursday was 194, an increase of 24.3% from 156 enrollments from June 18th to June 22nd.

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The latest weekly data shows 17 deaths between June 19th and June 25th. Is reporting. This is also a tentative number and will be revised upward. The 26 death figures reported last Thursday from June 12th to June 18th have since been revised upward by 23% to 32. All deaths during the reporting period of those who were positive for COVID-19 in the last 30 days.

Health officials say this model probably overestimates mortality.

Subsequent analysis showed that the average 43% of deaths reported in the "deaths of all causes" model from April 9th ​​to May 21st were actually 43%. Was caused by COVID-19. BCCDC.

However, this number is also expected to be revised in the future.

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say that hugging pet cats and dogs can lead to illness. People who have been vaccinated more than once despite the weakened immunity of the COVID-19 vaccine are infected with the virus.

According to data from May 1st to June 25th, unvaccinated people were about twice as likely to enter the intensive care unit as unvaccinated people. ..

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On Wednesday, the National Advisory Board on Immunization (NACI) added to seniors and people in the high-risk category. It was recommended to provide a vaccine booster for potential new COVID-19 waves, regardless of the number of shots previously received.

We also recommended the possibility of boosters to the rest of Canada.

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