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CRTC has ordered Radio Canada to apologize for using N-word in its 2020 program.

The commentator mentioned a controversial book by Pierre Vallières, whose title contained offensive language.

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The Canadian Radio-Television Communications Commission (CRTC) has ordered Radio Canada to apologize to those who complained about radio programs two years ago. I did. The commentator mentioned a controversial book by Pierre Vallières, whose title contains N words.

In a decision issued Wednesday, the CRTC will also show Radio Canada how it intends to mitigate the impact of the "N-word" in this segment of the program. Instructed to. By July 29, 2022, as it is still available online. "

The deceased Vallier was a founding member of the Quebec Liberation Front, which published the book (N-word) Blancs D'Amérique for a Marxist analysis of Quebec's history. He later continued to work as a journalist at Le Devoire.

In the fall of 2019, a professor at the University of Concordia referred to the title in class, and a few months later, despite apologizing to the class, students filed an online petition condemning the teacher's remarks. I started distributing it.

On August 17, 2020, on the radio program Actualitéavec Simon Jodoin: Certaines idées deviennent-elle staboues, which aired on ICI Radio-Canada Premierere. Commentator Simon Jodoin and host Annie Delocher discussed the petition.

According to the CRTC's decision, it states: That it obscures the content of the work and the ideas of the author. During the discussion, the organizers and commentators used "N-word" four times in the 6 minutes 27 seconds segment, three times in French and once in English.

CRTC states that the book is "controversial for some, but essential for understanding the historical, political and social context of the October 1970 Quebec crisis." It's a good reading. "

One person complained to Société Radio-Canada about the show and wasn't happy with the response from the ombudsman. The Ombudsman agreed that the "N-word" is an inaccurate and inhumane slur and should not be used on radio waves to represent blacks. However, I do not believe that SRC should prohibit the use of this term in all contexts. Rather, he believes it needs to be used appropriately and responsibly, such as when the requirement for clarity justifies its use.

The problem is that the title of Vallier's book, which was often referred to in documentaries about the history of colleges, colleges and Quebec, is now offensive to many. It is considered to be.

"Social conditions related to racial issues are changing. The rise of the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd's death in May 2020 and the wave of global protests are racism. And represents the axis of social change that has driven public remorse on issues related to systematic racism, and as a result, following these events, the use of this term in both French and English contexts. Has evolved and the Commission must take this into account in the analysis of complaints, "CRTC wrote in its decision.

Two members of the committee have expressed their dissenting opinion from the majority vote.

Vice-Chair Caroline Simard wrote: She also relied on the purpose of public policy, which she set aside the provisions that apply in this case and impose measures on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I believe this is another mistake in the law.

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