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Do more to counter violent extremism in Canada, MP recommends

The federal government needs to do more to counter the threat of ideologically motivated violent extremism in Canada, including strengthening terrorist financing laws. Yes, it is recommended by the Public Safety Commission of the Commonwealth House.

In a report submitted before the Commonwealth's promotion in the summer, the Commission also took steps to prevent the rise of threats in Canada and further maintain online businesses. Responsible for radical or hateful content circulating on platforms that the federal government has recommended to work with the state.

However, the Commission also acknowledged that there were issues surrounding the movement to limit freedom of speech.

"Each member of this committee is sensitive to [ideally motivated violent extremism], charter issues related to responding to the IMVE threat," the committee wrote. I am. "Any restrictions on free speech must be rational and justified in a free and democratic society."

The Commission's report reports that Canada has been ideologically motivated in recent years. After seeing a lot of radical attacks. Experts said the committee was on the rise and was fueled by a pandemic blockade that encouraged people to spend more time online.

This is in line with theincident that revealed recentof members of the army who sympathize with the militant group.

In 32 broad recommendations of the report, the Commission stated that Canada needs a national and multifaceted strategy to combat this type of violence.

The government recommends funding research to investigate how militant groups were trying to hire military and police members. It also asked the government to strengthen the capabilities of the Canadian Army and federal law enforcement agencies "to hold the staff of these agencies accountable if they were found to support violent radicalist movements." I asked.

Extremist Content and Digital Platforms

Many of the experts who appeared before the committee are the role of digital platforms that enable the spread of extremist content. Warned about. Some of the Commission's recommendations address that issue.

The Commission encourages the government to "investigate the feasibility of a regulatory structure to maintain a platform responsible for enforcing the Terms of Service" and establishes the Federal Digital Safety Commission. He added that it can be included. The

Commission also recommended that the government track bots and increase the transparency of the algorithms used on social media platforms.

"The Government of Canada is working with domestic and international partners to identify and remove online bots that amplify extremist content, allowing online platforms to allow users to filter content based on it. We need to encourage contributors and content authentication mechanisms to provide, "the Commission wrote. 

The government also said it should work with the platform "to encourage transparency and representation of the algorithm for better content moderation decisions." The

report also states that the government "recognizes and defends against the threat posed by violent extremism, including dissatisfied violent extremism, against Canada's critical infrastructure. The government recommends resources for police and prosecutors to investigate and prosecute attacks on critical infrastructure and personnel — and to fully fund and modernize the power of Canada's security intelligence community. To do.

The report demands more government funding from various groups, including frontline organizations 

But it is also violent. While demanding several steps to block the flow of money to violent extremist groups and assuring the government that "terrorist financing laws are properly adapted to capture this threat, [ Violent Extremism] Financing. ”

The Commission also called f or the government studied the role that cloud funding platforms and cryptocurrencies play in the financing of violent extremism. Make sure that the Canadian Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (FINTRAC), a Canadian terrorist and money laundering watchdog, has the power and resources to monitor on cloud funding and cryptocurrency platforms. Suspicious transaction.

Some witnesses have outlined the threats facing the Jewish and Islamic communities. The

report also expanded the mission of existing missions on maintaining Holocaust memory and fighting anti-Semitism, with the government appointing a special mission on Islamophobia, "more on the Holocaust. Include educational awareness ".

The Commission is also open about Israel, telling the government "a thorough refusal to demonize and outlaw Israel, by Canadian organizations, groups, or individuals, including university campus associations. It was recommended to condemn all attempts. To disseminate these views at home and abroad. ”

Finally, the Commission has a common jurisdiction over countering hatred and extremism. He noted that the federal government needs to work with states and territories to develop and train best practices and hold summits on how to do so. Improves the ability to intervene in the early stages of mental health and social welfare.