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Dream job: mattress company Casper

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Jonathan Edwards

A woman sleeps in this file photo.
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woke up Within minutes, she put together her 15-word sentence and her 29-second video application. ``Warning: Do not disturb. He boasted that he had once fallen asleep leaning against himself. shower wall.

"I think it fits," she said, grinning.

With that said, she removed her eye mask and submitted her dream job, a job that was just a professional sleeper.

Casper, which started eight years ago as an online-only mattress company, recruits people with "extraordinary sleep abilities" and "desire to sleep as much as possible." and train them. A natural talent for money. People tapped as "Casper Sleepers" nap in the company's stores or "in the world's unexpected settings," acting as real-life mannequins and in-house influencers, napping and napping. is spun into “TikTok-style content.”

“This is not a dream, it is not a training.”A Casper spokesperson said the TikTok video } announced this job posting.

This 'bed-in-a-box' retailer sells mattresses online after 100 nights and was a new concept when it launched in 2014.

"Formerly one of five co-founders, Philip Krim, told The Washington Post in 2018: $1 million in first month of business, first full year. reported by The Post.

But Casper's founders underestimated how much people value the physical experience of buying a mattress. When they first started their business, prospects would come to the one-bedroom apartment in New York City that was the company's office at the time.

"On the first day, someone knocked on our door and said, 'Come to try the mattress,'" Klim said. "That's when we happened to realize how important the physical experience could be."

In 2015, the company opened several pop-up stores and co-founded As one chief creative officer, Luke Sherwin, told The Washington Post at the time: You can buy mattresses online. '” Sherwin told the Post when employees lured people to a pop-up in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood, offering coffee and waffles. We already have a large community of Casper fans.

"Millennials definitely share their love for Casper online," he added. “They post the most YouTube unboxing videos and Instagram photos, but our customers are all ages.”

More than seven years later. , Casper is entering TikTok, Gen Z's preferred social media platform. At least he works in Trost. She said she woke up to a notification about her job postings on her video application. Before getting out of her bed, she activated the camera and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. All this is proof that "I already look like I'm doing a good job." Trost wasn't immediately reachable early Tuesday morning for an interview, possibly because she was sleeping

Other would-be Casper Sleepers also claimed. CJ wrapped himself in a blanket in his entry video. Ashley sleeps in her multiple scenarios as a baby, sleeping on the floor, cuddling her dog, leaning against her desk with her backpack on. I have included photos and videos of herself. All of this is set to the song "Coastline" by Hollow Coves. Eric's friends and family reportedly took pictures of him sleeping at different times and places.

"Yesterday I slept on the bus. I usually sleep on the train. You can sleep like that on the plane," he said, adding:

For those interested in making money to sleep, Casper is accepting applications until Thursday.

Non-sleep perks: part-time schedule, free company merch, and pajamas, his one of the most relaxed dress codes at work.

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