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Ecuadorian president cuts gasoline prices during indigenous strikes

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Quito, Ecuador (AP) — Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso announced a cut in gasoline prices on Sunday. ..

This reduction will reduce the price of gasoline by 10 cents per gallon. The Ecuadorian Indigenous Peoples' Federation is demanding compliance with the 10-point agenda, including reducing the price of additional gasoline from $ 2.55 to $ 2.10 per gallon and the price of diesel from 1.90 to 1.50.

Lasso, who spoke on national television late Sunday, said fuel prices were "a cornerstone for sustaining conflict."

"Ecuadorians seeking dialogue will find a government to reach out. Those seeking turmoil, violence and terrorism will face the full power of the law," he said. He emphasized that he must return to normal.

There was no immediate response from the Indigenous Union.

The move came shortly after Lasso lifted the state of emergency imposed by Lasso in six states and government officials had their first meeting with opposition leaders. It also happens when lawmakers discuss the opposite request to dismiss Lasso during a strike. It caused food shortages and hurt the economy.

Indigenous protesters are demanding lower gasoline prices, agricultural price controls, and larger budgets for education. Lasso accused the leader of a violent strike when he tried to stage a coup.

On Thursday, the Indigenous Union said a demonstrator died of a wound on a pellet in the chest and abdomen while protesting near the National Assembly in Kito. About 100 other people were injured there. Police also tweeted that police officers were also injured in the pellets.

In Kito, protesters blocking roads have almost shut down the city, and people are experiencing food and fuel shortages. A group of protesters roamed the streets, attacking vehicles and civilians, forcing them to shut down their businesses. Some of them were looted.