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Emergency rooms across Canada were overwhelmed by staff shortages

Overwhelmed by the onslaught of pandemics, hospitals still face many challenges, causing unprecedented waiting times in emergency rooms across the country.

In addition to the limited bed and untreated surgery, the main cause of dysfunction was a lack of doctors and nurses.

Many of the problems facing hospitals are not new, but experts say that pandemics have exacerbated the situation, endangered, and patients have seen emergency department closures at nearby hospitals. Say you're starting.

A long "long weekend" in the emergency room

On Saturday, the Perth and Smith Falls District Hospital (PSFDH) announced the closure of theemergency departmentuntil Thursday. did. The outbreak of COVID-19 is quoted. But the doctor says the real reason is the ongoing lack of staff.

"Yes, COVID closed the emergency department, but it didn't really incorporate the resilience of the nursing staff," Dr. Aland Ramondo told CTVNational News on Saturday. ..

Dramondo said the PSFDH emergency room was reduced from 50 nurses to 5 and the unit became very thin.

"Someone has to be held accountable for the fact that they lost 50% of their nursing staff within a few months, which basically failed," he said. ..

According to Drammond, PSFDH's catchment area is about 25,000 people in the large geographical area between Smith Falls and Peter Barra, and many patients travel long distances to reach the emergency department. Means to do.

Patients in need of urgent care need to drive 20 kilometers from Perth to Smith Falls.

"I don't think it's fair to people in this community," local resident John Hastings told CTV News on Saturday.

The town of Clinton, Ontario,had no emergency room during the long weekend of Canada Day, as the emergency room at Clinton Public Hospital announced it would be closed from July 1st to 5th. }.

This showed the longest 24-hour closure of the emergency room at Clinton Public Hospital.

Due to a shortage of doctors and nurses, we expect more service interruptions this summer, according to Deborah Wiseman, Chief Nursing Officer of the Huron Perth Health Alliance. is.

"More things will be seen this weekend, not just this weekend. The next six months to years will be a lack of human health care in both the nursing and doctor fields. We are really struggling to maintain service, "Wiseman told CTV National News.

Wiseman says she is investigating everything to solve the shortage of medical personnel and keep the emergency room open, including the use of emergency personnel in the emergency room. Said.

Similar problems are occurring in other states. The state government announced Thursday that six emergency departments in Quebec will be partially closed this summer due to staff shortages.

Nova Scotia Health states that due to high weekend demand, long wait timesshould be expected in all four health zones.

"Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing what is called a" bed block ". There are a large number of inpatients here and there is no place to send them, "said Dr. Margaret Fraser, Sidney, N.S., a doctor at Cape Breton Regional Hospital. I told CTV National News on Saturday.

Bonnie Nan, a resident of Trehan, Manitova, told CTV National News on Saturday that her daughter recently needed emergency treatment and the Trehan emergency department was closed due to a shortage of staff.

"I'm really angry, I'm angry at everything. I don't think I've thought enough about this," she said.

"I'm not angry with the nurses. They also need a vacation."

Cause of staff shortage.

Dr. Catherine Smart, President of the Canadian Medical Association, told CTV News Atlantic in May that the burnout syndrome of doctors and nursesis twice as high as before the pandemic

"Our healthcare system is at a level of crisis we have never actually seen, and healthcare professionals said Smart.

Statistics Canadaannounced 6 According to a monthlysurvey, 95% of healthcare professionals feel that pandemics have affected their mental health, and during the

pandemics, healthcare professionals have extended working hours. Faced with shorter vacation times and changes in the way care is provided. I was trying to quit or quit because of work stress or concerns about mental health.

"How to keep workers. Probably a salary increase," based in Harifax. Erinor Kelly, an ICU nurse, told CTV News Atlantic in May.

"Probably decent. I think it will help. Especially for critical care nurses, there are many people who train and hire for critical care, In a year or so, I can go to work personally in 27 years for three times the amount I earn. "

Home doctor and doctor council at Opital de Racine in Montreal Dr. Paul Saba, the chairman of the company, said he wants the government to make significant changes.

"We need to improve our healthcare system, and it's not a short-term election promise, it could be long-term for the next few years," he said on Saturday. Told to.

Using Deena Zaidi and CTV News Atlantic files