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Registration in London, Ontario. More summer school programs, TVDSB officials say

COVID-19puts summer vacation into the first week after the next unpredictable school year, but the Thames Valley District Board of Education (TVDSB) in London, Ontario. ) Staff emphasizes the registration ofSummer Schooland the increased participation of students.

TVDSB Student Grade Director Tracey Langelaan said virtual enrollment, also known as the new credit e-learning course, is "beyond the roof."

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Celebrating the school year, "there are virtually more than 3,000 registered students," she said. "There are about 270 students who are directly participating in New Credit, and we have the largest cohort of students who are currently participating in a summer co-operative with over 100 students."

According to Langelaan, summer enrollment continues to grow year by year. She said the influx was not only related to the turmoil caused by the pandemic, but also closely to the variety of options made available to students.

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"Some of the benefits that the pandemic has taught us are how we can provide learning in different ways," she said. explained. "This really opens the door to students who may not actually be able to provide transportation to a direct location (and) it extends that flexibility to the family.

" It's It also extends the flexibility to staff who can balance the nuances of summer vacation, but still provide virtual programming to students, "Langeland added.

However, over the past year, TVDSB has dealt with increasing staff absenteeism among other boards of education.

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In April 2022, TVDSB Associate Director Jeff Pratt said Global News about the increase in absenteeism. Made a statement to. "The result of staff illness".

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John Bernans, TVDSB Local President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF), said the mental health struggle and staff shortages increased. It is said that it is the fault.

“Teachers and educators have struggled to overcome the pandemic and support their students without additional resources,” says Bernans. "It has hit (their) health."

He added that the difficulty of planning and the lack of preparatory work available added additional strain to education workers. I did.

"By the end of the second semester or the end of the year things started to return to normal, but it will take some time to recover from all of these additional stresses on them," says Bernana. I did.

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"They can't do that Of course, I'm taking on an additional summer school mission right now, "he added. "So it's not surprising that there is some impact on the ability to provide a summer school."

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However, according to Langeland, some educators are still willing to extend their teachings in the summer months.

"We can always find teachers who are willing to expand their employment until July. This is the commitment of the educators we work with and their commitment to the students and their learning. It speaks to our commitment, "she said.

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Before the end of the Langelaan school year, he said that credit recovery and credit relief opportunities were also available throughout the TVDSB school.

"It really opens up opportunities for students to meet some of the curriculum's expectations that they probably didn't get the chance to finish throughout the school year," she said. "They can work directly with the teacher to submit perhaps unresolved assignments or to meet with the teacher just to establish and consolidate the end of the course."

{95 With regard to }, Langeland would like to thank the TVDSB educators.

"I'm really lucky to have many educators who are willing to step up to this," Langeland said. " is also a recognition of their moral responsibility to support students throughout this era of learning, recovery and re-engagement."

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