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Ethiopian leaders report new massacre in Oromia

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The Associated Press

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Nairobi, Kenya (AP) —Ethiopian leaders are accused of targeting civilians in a fight against government forces on Monday. Reported the slaughter by.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's office did not provide deaths, but the Amhara Association of America could have killed 150 to 160 people in the attack, citing ground sources. I told Associated Press that I have sex. ..

AP was unable to independently verify the number of casualties by the association, which stated that the Amhara people were targeted and the killings began earlier in the day.

"Members of the Shen Group fleeing attacks by (government) security forces are endangering the citizens of West Werega," Abbey said in a tweet on Monday. Additional operations are underway to track government forces. .. "Citizens of the Kerenwellega region of the Oromia region have been slaughtered." It took place three weeks after the murder of a civilian. Rebel groups denied the charges and instead accused government forces and local militia of carrying out the attack.

Telephone communication to remote areas was cut off from noon.

As the wave of national unrest continues in Africa's second most populous country, killings will pressure the Abbey government to do more to protect civilians. Due to political, historical and ethnic tensions, attacks targeting minorities across the country have increased in recent years.

Ethnic Amhara, the second largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, but a minority elsewhere, has been repeatedly targeted.

In the last three years alone, dozens of people have been killed in attacks in the Benishangrugums and Oromia regions. Last month, witnesses told AP that more than 400 civilians were killed in a June 18 attack on the Amhara people in the Thor region of the Oromia region.