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European troops fighting radicals withdraw from Mali

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Paris (AP) —The European Military Task Force, which helped the Mali government fight Islamic extremists, officially withdrew from West African nations in tension with the dominant junta.

The French army at the forefront of the Takuba Task Force officially finished work on Thursday, he announced on Friday. This move was linked to France's decision to withdraw the army from Mali nine years after helping the Malian army fight violent extremists who threatened to seize power.

The Takuba Army consists of hundreds of special forces from 10 countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden. It was done. It was aimed at training and protecting Mali's combat forces.

Despite the withdrawal, the French army called the unit "strategic and tactical success" and gave an example of "what Europeans can achieve together in a complex security environment". He said he could use the lessons learned from his master. In future joint operations.

France accused Mali's authorities of failing to fight Islamic extremists when announcing its withdrawal. France maintains a military presence in neighboring West African countries facing the threat of radical violence.

The departure of the Eurocorps resolved on Wednesday that the UN Security Council would maintain UN peacekeeping operations in Mali, whose military rulers violated human rights. After accusing him of using a mercenary who has been accused of using. And humanitarian violations.

Russia and China have abstained from a French resolution that extends their mission to June 30, 2023, with a current cap of 13,289 military personnel and 1,920 international police.

The Mali junta, which took power in August 2020, approached Russia as Moscow sought to form an alliance and expand its power in Africa.

Insurgents continue to operate in Mali, with al-Qaeda militant and Islamic State groups moving from the dry north to the populous Central Mali, among ethnic groups in the region. It stirs hostility and violence.