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Family mourns the loss of a 26-year-old son after the crash of downtown Toronto

Gregory Nathan Gilgis had just finished work and was walking to the gym just before midnight on Canada Day, being attacked by a Jeep Grand Cherokee driver.

Gilgis, 26, was fatally injured and sentenced to death on University Avenue and Wellington Street, where seven others were injured.

Jeep driver Nitantacourt was arrested by police for allegedly colliding with two other cars and another pedestrian.

"It wasn't an accident ... it can't be said that it was an accident," said Avril Higginson, Girgis' mother. "My son died, Gregory died, he was taken away from all of us ... I'm more than grieving."

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by police And his 26-year-old Takul passed a red light at the crossroads.

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"He is a very favorite and sincere person to his friends and will help everyone," Gregory said. Atef Gilgis, father, told Global News.

Gilgis' youngest, Victor, returned home early Saturday morning and found a Toronto police officer waiting at the front door. They broke the terrible news. "I haven't slept since then," his mother said.

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"I couldn't believe it," his father said. "We miss him."

About 100 people stopped by the crash site, Gilgis's family wept and told the story of the lost. They remembered him as a kind, hardworking and adventurous young man.

The scene of the devastation on Friday night changed with flowers and a Saturday commemorative setup to replace the wreckage that came earlier.

At one point, Gilgis' father knelt down and picked up the sand left by the authorities. I remembered where his son died.

"His soul is a very fun and loving soul. He loved traveling," said his sister Sarah Munoz. "I paved the way and he chased behind me on my world trip, but then replaced me and traveled to far more countries than I did.

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Driver Takul will appear in court on Saturday. He will have fatal driving problems, dangerous driving that causes death, and Faced with six accusations, including driving disabilities that cause physical harm.

For a family whose life was killed by the incident, anyone can grab the handle of a car after drinking. I can't think of it.

"You have a Uber, you have a taxi, you call a friend, you have a designated driver," Higginson said. "It's tragic, he shouldn't have gone because of the negligence of a drunk driver."

Gregory's father is at a loss like any other family.

"I don't know, I don't know how I feel. People make big mistakes and someone is always paying for it," said Atef Girgis. "I don't believe in revenge. He was a fool who made the wrong decision ... it's sad, it's sad."

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