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First reading: The latest liberal scandal has just fallen (and it's annoying)

Consider SNC-Lavalin. However, this time they were kicked out by their own inquiry

Brenda Lucki at a 2018 event in Regina where she was announced as RCMP commissioner.
Brenda Lucki was announced as the RCMP Commissioner at the 2018 event in Regina. Photo: Brandon Harder / Regina Leader-Post

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SNC-Lavalin In the case, the Trudeau government again faces accusations of actively interfering with Canada's judicial system to achieve its political objectives

{41. } SNC-Lavalin, the accusation was that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office pressured his Minister of Justice to unilaterally withdraw bribery charges against the liberal alliance's engineering companies. This time,Trudeau's Minister of Public Security has pressured RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to "endanger" the mass shooting investigation, allowing him to push gun control packages

In both cases, theallegations are from very reputable sourcesSNC-The most detailed information on the Lavalan case is Jody Wilson- It was sent directly by the Minister of Justice Raybold himself. The RCMP scandal overthrew the alleged actions of the government by a federal investigation.

Last week, the Mass Casualty Commission, a federal investigation into Canada's worst shootings in history,details on the RCMP method. Reporthas been published. Following the April 2020 massacre that killed 22 Nova Scotians, he managed the public communications.

In a 103-page report,Lucky first refused to disclose details of the firearms used by the shooter, so how Nova Scotia's investigators did. Outlines what is allegedly dressed in

"She promised that RCMP would release this information to the Minister of Public Security and the Prime Minister's Office. I read a handwritten note by Nova Scotia RCMP inspector Darren Campbell after April. 28 Meeting with the Commissioner.

The most implicatory section of the Mass Casualty Commission report into RCMP public communications.
Most important of the Mass Casualty Commission report Section RCMP Public Communication.Photo: Massacre Commission

During the slaughter, the murderer hadfour firearms. Two pistols and two semi-automatic rifles, three of which were smuggled from the United States. However, Mountains was crazy about these details at the time to avoid jeopardizing the FBI's investigation into the source of American weapons.

A firearm used by Global News reporteras directorat a television press conference just before Campbell met Lucki. "We can't know these details because the investigation is still active and ongoing," Campbell replied.

The Mass Casualty Commission report told RCMP spokesmen that "it could jeopardize ongoing investigations into perpetrator access." Do not disclose information about the perpetrator's firearms. " Firearm.

However, according to Campbell's memo, Lucky was dissatisfied with this explanation. Safer public by or through this law”

RCMP Supt. Darren Campbell discusses the timeline of events and locations of the Nova Scotia shootings at RCMP headquarters in Dartmouth, N.S. on April 24, 2020.
RCMPSupt. Darren Campbell discusses the timeline and location of the Nova Scotia shooting event at the RCMP headquarters in N.S. Dartmouth. April 24, 2020.Photo courtesy of The Canadian Press / Riley Smith

The law in question is May 1, 2020Order-The Royal Canadian Mounted Police— Introduced just 10 days after the slaughter — immediately banned more than 1,500 long guns, which the government calls a characteristic of "attack style."

The "Assault Style" label is primarily pistol grip and black, as the list omits a number of long Canadian guns that can fire powerful cartridges quickly and continuously. Coloring.

Liberal promised to ban"military assault rifles" during the 2019 federal elections, butTordo's May 2020 order Introducing-The Council has taken great advantage of the recent slaughter in Nova Scotia

"The recent tragic events in Nova Scotia ... should never have happened. Read the official statement ofBan from the Prime Minister's Office.

There are no assault firearms designed for military use in our community. Therefore, we banned 1,500 cases today. Learn more:

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau)May 1, 2020

The ban's relationship with the slaughter turned out to be largely superficial, as the primary weapon was an illegal gun already banned by Canadian law.Nevertheless, the Order in Council banned the Ruger Mini 14 rifle. One of them was originally procured from a Canadian gun shop and was illegally owned by the murderer during the slaughter.

After news of Lucky's intervention attempt was widely watched this week, Lucky and Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair speculate that Campbell's memo is wrong. Responded.

In aofficial statement from RCMP headquarters, Lucky said, "We will never take any action or decision that could endanger the investigation." rice field.

She admitted that her discussion with Campbell was "tensioned" and added that she "regrets how she approached the meeting." rice field. However, she said sharing information is a standard procedure and "does not affect the integrity of ongoing investigations."

Blair — formerly the chief of the Toronto police before entering federal politics — also told reporteron Tuesday. He said he had never interfered. He was asked to release information to support RCMP operations or the ban on pending guns. Both claims are in direct conflict with the version of Campbell's event

"In this case, there is no interference and pressure on the RCMP. There was no interference. Bill Blair, Minister of Emergency Preparedness, told reporters in response to reports alleging interference at NS. Shooting Probe.#cdnpoli pic .twitter .com / tAvI918ymP

— CPAC (@CPAC_TV)June 22, 2022

The meeting with Lucky on April 28 is only the latest exposure from the Mass Victims Commission on allegations that RCMP severely interfered with public communication during the slaughter.

Novascosia RCMP was late to generally warn that active shooters were loose, did not issue state-wide emergency alerts, and did not notify Novascosia that the murderer was driving. Replica patrol car up to the last few minutes of the 12-hour slaughter. He states that he "believes" a version of the event from. "These liberals have a pattern that interferes with the investigation to advance their political agenda," she said.

The liberals have previously interfered with the investigation. They are unreliable. Conservatives believe what the Nova Scotia RCMP is saying. pic. twitter. com / 3iINPqHXYx

— Candice Bergen (@CandiceBergenMP)June 22, 2022

{239 This news is It was also criticized by NDP leader Jagmate Singh, a de facto coalition junior partner who maintains the Trudeau administration."The idea that this government (any government) will take advantage of this horrific mass slaughter to gain support for gun policy is completely unacceptable," he said in a statement.

  1. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, seen at a news conference on Parliament Hill on April 5, 2022, should renounce his party's coalition deal with the Liberals over allegations that members of Trudeau's administration interfered in the investigation into the Portapique massacre, writes Rex Murphy.

    Rex Murphy: Brenda Lucky Scandal Jugmate Shin's chance to stand up

  2. Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair speaks during question period in the House of Commons on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

    Bill Blair is N. S. Faced with intense criticism of political interference by the Liberal Party. Shooting Incident

Other News

The idea of ​​giving drivers a gas tax cut in some statesFederal Government is considering this week by Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson "Irresponsible"From a purely financial point of view, he has a point. Canada is constantly facing inflation, so making rare commodities cheaper can make everything worse. However, the Trudeau government suspiciously refused to follow this philosophy in all aspects of budgeting except gas. Just last week, Treasury Minister Chrystia Freeland promised to deal with inflation by investing more deficit money in an already overheated economy.

This charming letter has been making the rounds of the internet lately. In 1978, an 11-year-old boy from North Bay, Ont. submitted his missile designs (drawn with felt marker) to the U.S. Department of Defence. They sent him this reply. After briefly praising the boy’s ingenuity, a U.S. Navy spokesman did not hold back in noting that the designs were woefully impractical and poorly designed.
This fascinating letter Has been patrolling the internet recently. An 11-year-old boy from North Bay, Ontario, 1978. He submitted his missile design (painted with a felt marker) to the US Department of Defense. They sent him this reply. After briefly praising the boy's ingenuity, a U.S. Navy spokesman was unaware that the design was terribly unrealistic and inadequate. Photo: Reddit

National Post's John Ivison said thatthe Liberal Party noticeably stopped trying as soon as the NDP came into effect. The latest expert I noticed. The supply and trust agreement between the two parties, which gave them a majority government in March , was a small number in exchange for the NDP's promise to maintain Trudeau's power until 2025. Provided budget goods (such as subsidized dental care). "The prospect of losing your job next year or so is focused,"wrote in Ivison, "instead, this government is comfortable and happy."

Bill C-11 – Gives CRTC unprecedented power to control the programming of streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix – with the support of NDP and Bloc Québécois to bring the House of Commons Passed. Former CRTC Vice-Chair Peter Menzies is very disappointed that "the world's most extensive Internet regulation law to date" has been obtained so far. In thecolumn of The Line,he admitted intimidation, suppression of debate, and, if possible, the passage of the bill into a relentless campaign of complete lies. I emphasize that it means working for Donald Trump, "he wrote. "And now it works well for those who rule Canada."

He’s fighting off a Russian invasion, but he still has time for some Toronto undergrads. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine, is seen here addressing students at the University of Toronto on Tuesday. Click the image for more.
He is fighting the Russian invasion, but still time for Toronto undergraduates. Here you can see Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky giving a speech to students at the University of Toronto on Tuesday. Please click the image for details. Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

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