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Foreign firefighters arrive in Greece during the summer wildfire season

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Athens — Dozens of Romanian and Bulgarian firefighters stationed in Greece on Saturday, sending the first members of the European army to the country in case of a major wildfire in the summer. rice field.

More than 200 firefighters and equipment from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Romania, Norway and Finland will wait in Greece's hottest July and August, which raged last summer.

A group of 28 Romanian firefighters with eight vehicles and 16 firefighters from Bulgaria with four vehicles under the European Union's civil protection mechanism. We first arrived at a two-month funded and coordinated mission.

"Come to help us during the difficult summer for our country, and European solidarity is not just a theory, it is true. Thank you for proving. ”Greek Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides said on Saturday that he welcomed members of the Romanian mission in Athens.

"When things get tougher, you can save lives and property alongside Greek firefighters."

Bulgarian firefighters are stationed in Larisa, central Greece. I am.

Last summer wildfires struck approximately 300,000 acres (121,000 hectares) of forests and shrublands in different parts of Greece as Greece experienced the worst heat waves of 30 years.

Following sharp criticism of the response to the fire, the Greek government has promised to establish a new Ministry of Civil Protection and enhance its firefighting capabilities.

Greece's worst wildfire disaster killed 102 people in the summer of 2018 when a flame broke out in the seaside town of Matty and the area near Athens. Popper)