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French energy giants are urging consumers to reduce their energy use

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Paris — The head of a major French energy company on Sunday called on individuals and businesses to immediately limit electricity consumption in preparation for the impending energy crisis.

Engie, EDF, and CEO of Total said in an open letter issued by the weekly journal Journal du Dimanche, "We need to work together to reduce consumption to regain room for mobility. ".

A letter signed by Engie's Catherine MacGregor, EDF's Jean-Bernard Levy, and TotalEnergies' Patrick Pouyanne says maintenance issues have sharply reduced gas transport in Russia and limited power generation. It shows that.

France aims to fill its gas storage facility by early fall, Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne said Thursday. Currently, 59% of gas depots in this country are full.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine spotlighted Europe's dependence on Russia's gas and encouraged scrambling to find alternative energy sources.

French media reported in March that the government was discussing with TotalEnergies about increasing its ability to receive LNG after saying the United States was ready to increase deliveries to Europe. rice field.

"By taking immediate action this summer, we can be ready for early next winter, especially to maintain gas reserves," said an energy company executive. In the letter, I added an effort to limit consumption should be "immediate, collective, mass".

They quoted their own efforts to find a new gas source and build a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the north port of Le Paul.

France recently extended the mechanism for regulating gas prices until the end of the year. Initially planned to run until the end of June, the system aims to limit the impact of rising energy prices on consumers' purchasing power.

(Report by Nicolas Delame, Benjamin Mallet, Mimosa Spencer, edited by Sandra Maler and David Goodman)