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From morning till afternoon, the whimsical power of the government is with you

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Calvin Woodward

Washington (AP) — When you vacantly get out of bed and have breakfast, the government also approaches your kitchen table. Unlike you, I'm fine.

It's your morning invisible power. The government makes sure you can see the nutrients in your grain. It makes a fuss about your toast and claims that the flour from which it comes has less than 75 grams of insect debris and one rodent hair per 50 grams.

The government also tends to like your coffee and requires that less than 10% of your beans are moldy. The satellite will give you the weather forecast for your phone the day before. The government takes into account the water consumption of your bathroom and manages the fluoride in your toothpaste.

That's all before leaving home. The government will switch on and off with you until you turn off the lamp at the end of the night. Under the new rules, do not use new incandescent bulbs.

The world of federal regulation seems endless and microscopic. It touches what you touch. It can help you on every turn or stab your clumsy fingers into everything, depending on your point of view.

But last week's Supreme Court ruling restricted federal authorities to control carbon emissions from power plants and was the latest blow to what critics call a regulated country. , Can have a major impact on the fight against global warming.

Regulation has become a reliable way for the president to formulate policies when parliament cannot pass the bill, such as climate change. Barack Obama and Donald Trump did it with different policies. Joe Byden does that. A conservative majority of courts told Byden that it wasn't that fast.

This decision cuts greenhouse gas emissions in half by the end of the decade, despite increasing damage from global warming. It undermines the goal of. Beyond that, it can impede regulations across the scope of public policies such as education, transportation, and LGBTQ rights.

The court said the parliament must speak specifically if it wants to empower government agencies to regulate the issue of national imports.

You can see how specific the concrete rule making is by browsing the code of the federal rules. My favorite words in the huge amount of code are "must" and "must".

Take, for example, the sea otter. If you've ever thought of a way to measure sea kawauso, the code has the answer.

The pool of water for captive sea otters must be at least three times the average adult length of the sea otters contained therein (from the tip of the nose). The tip of the tail) and the depth of the pool must be at least .91 meters (3.0 feet). "

With the breakthrough legislation and the resulting surge in regulations. Despite expanding the government, the US president has been trying to simplify the government from the beginning. As Vice President, Al Gore challenged to "reinvent" it. Such efforts generally did not work.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote about the King of Britain, he called for liberation from bureaucracy and the achievement of American freedom. Eat their substance.

Then there was a new office for centuries, and a flock of bureaucrats came here.

Associated Press writer Saul Pet acquired a stake in the government in 1981 when President Ronald Reagan tried to conquer the government. He described the government as follows: , "10 tons of marshmallows" sitting along the uncertain path of goodwill somewhere between capitalism and socialism, fighting war, sending people to the moon, exploring the ends of the universe, hungry An incredible giant who nourishes and heals the sick. Helps a complex of helpless and intense sins that try to make up for the sins of the past to the satisfaction of everyone. A split personality, adaptable, fragile colossus, who thought that most of his life helped those who helped himself, and recently concluded that God needed help, took part in him. It was pulled in all directions by everyone who wanted it, that is, everyone.

At that time, the U.S. government owned 413,042 buildings, excluding overseas military facilities, and employed 2.8 million civilians and 2.1 million military personnel. .. The expansion of the federal program has raised the ranks of state and local governments in particular.

In 2021, a year of pandemic and moist employment, private federal civil servants were about the same size as in 1981, but less than 600,000 were in uniform.

For all that, civilian encounters with the federal government often take place in unrecognized backgrounds. It was a long time ago that anyone was free to walk and do business at the front door of Washington's magnificent government building.

Nevertheless, it shapes their lives. The GPS for that smartphone came from the government. So was the Internet.

People walk on walkways built to meet the requirements of American Disabled Persons Law. Text messages and apps flow out of a nearby mobile phone tower registered and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

But when the government takes it instead of giving it, it's more obvious. The driver directs 18.4 cents per gallon of gas and 24.4 cents per gallon of diesel to Washington. Most states get even bigger takes per gallon.

At work, federal rules are ready to intervene if you are a victim of illegal discrimination or dangerous working conditions. After work, the table meal arrived there through meat regimens, factory and farm inspections, and the true rules of the label.

That pizza sauce. Please relax and enjoy yourself. By federal order, each cup can only contain 30 fly eggs. Unless there is a maggot. In that case, only 15 fly eggs are allowed.

When you push the kids, the federal government is there for the night.

If young children are old enough to go around and have trouble (9 months), they are the only bedtime garments (on the body) that can be sold for them. Go to sleep with a snug nightwear or flame-retardant pajamas).

The government order states:


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