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Future of Landmark Hastings Street Neon Balmoral Signs Uncertain

The sign that decorated the Balmoral Hotel dates back to the 1930s or 40s and featured an elegant design

The Balmoral Hotel sign on East Hastings Street, pictured in March.
The Balmoral Hotel sign on East Hastings Street in March. Photo: Arlen Redekop /PNG

80 years at Balmoral Hotel's iconic East Hastings Street After spending time, the neon sign was withdrawn on June 26th. It is everyone's guess when and if it will come back. The

sign is taken to the Delta Night sign, where its condition is evaluated. However, there was little information about what was happening from the city of Vancouver.

"At this point, it is premature to discuss the signing plan, but once the reporting and consultation is complete and the decision is made, (we) can provide the latest information." increase. A city spokesperson by email. The

sign was demolished as part of the dismantling of Balmoral, one of Vancouver's worst slum hotels, before the city was forced to close in 2017.

Currently, the city-owned building is so badly degraded that the city decided to demolish it instead of rebuilding it. The

sign was one of the most distinctive elements of the hotel, which opened in 1912. The signboard was probably built in the late 1930s or early 1940s and features a "hotel" at the top and a "balmoral" cascade. Like a period, it descends on a gentle curve ending with a neon clock.

Part of the lettering is ruby ​​red neon, part is green, and light bulbs run up and down on the sides. At the time, it was really something and was one of the biggest and flashiest neon signs in Vancouver's original downtown.

The Balmoral Hotel sign is removed from the building on East Hastings Street on Sunday.
The Balmoral Hotel sign has been removed from the East Hastings Street building. I did. Sunday. Photo: Arlen Redekop /PNG

Vancouver was once the neon capital of Canada with an estimated 19,000 neon signs. Most were demolished, but Balmoral Sign was one of the survivors.

In recent years, the signboard has looked a little rough. The tin "can" that holds the neon letters required painting work.

However, neon expert John Atkin said there was still potential for bailout.

"If the sign is maintained, the sign does not necessarily collapse over time," he said.

"Traditionally, you had a maintenance contract with a sign company, and you regularly repainted and checked for rust, so the sign was generally well maintained.

"It looks normal and there was no obvious rust on the sheet metal."

But "without paying any attention" Knowing how long I had been sitting in the building probably had some internal weaknesses, etc. "

Exterior of the Hotel Balmoral, between 1940 and 1948. (Photo: Jack Lindsay/Vancouver Archives)
Exterior of Hotel Balmoral from 1940 to 1948. (Photo: Jack Lindsay / Vancouver Archives) Photo: Jack Lindsay /PNG

Even if there is a problem, Atkin is duplicated I said I could. Based on the original symbol.

"The best thing about a sign is to use an existing sign as a model and reconstruct it as a new sign," he said.

"I'm trying to modify it, so the amount of rework ... should be used as a 3D drawing to create a new version."

Atkin recently got a waist end. Worked on a heritage project including the Barclay Grocery neon sign.

"There was water in the can and the entire bottom of the can was basically rusted," he said. "So structurally the sign wasn't in great shape, but the tube was in good condition.

  1. The City of Vancouver said the Balmoral Hotel has deteriorated to the point it poses a danger to the public and adjacent buildings.

    Balmoral Hotel in Vancouver is demolished

  2. The Balmoral Hotel neon sign on East Hastings Street in Vancouver on March 29.

    Balmoral Hotel neon signs may be preserved even after the building is demolished

"So the sign is demolished and it is measured I went to the store and everything was copied exactly. The tube, which was still in good condition and still illuminated, was returned to the sign.

"In fact, it looks right, so it's very very I think it's a good legacy. The dimensions are accurate, the painting work is correct, and the metalwork is appropriate. "

Atkin says he is still working on the Balmoral sign when neon is turned on. , It was a rare type of neon, so I think it should be part of any restoration.

"The green on the dial is a very rare tube that is no longer made," he said. "Ruby Glass-You can't get ruby ​​glass like it was in Balmoral. Therefore, if these tubes are actually in good condition, they may be reattached to a new can."

If the city determined that it would be too expensive to restore and re-install in a building that replaces Balmoral, private companies also inquired about purchasing the sign.

"If you have the opportunity to restore, rebuild, and reinstall the sign as public art somewhere, I think it's an opportunity to explore it," Atkin said.

The Balmoral Hotel sign in 2009.
The sign of the Balmoral Hotel in 2009.Photo courtesy of jon murray/State
The Balmoral Hotel sign on East Hastings street in Vancouver in March.
March, the sign of the Balmoral Hotel on East Hastings Street in Vancouver. Photo: Arlen Redekop /PNG

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