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G7 Summit: Climate Goals Can Contradict Fallout from Russian Invasion

G7leaders hold a summit on Sunday to shape the global economy in an era when conflict and anxiety are pushing prices and access to key commodities around the world. We talked about what to do.

Trudeau arrived inGermanyon Sunday after spending four days at the Commonwealth Prime Minister's meeting in Kigali, Rwanda.

He was greeted at the airport in Munich by a musical welcome party to Germany, including a former Liberal Party leader and Stephane Dion, the Canadian ambassador to Germany.

From there he boarded a helicopter and took him to Schloss Ermau, a hideaway on the luxurious, secluded peaks of the Bavarian Alps, where he met with G7 responders.

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The invasion of Russiais Canada's most important task at the British Federal Conference and will be held Wednesday in Madrid, SpainNATOSummit and G7 Is expected to dominate both of the discussions.

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The G7 and other countries have closed their ranks and issued sanctions against Russia since the invasion of Ukraine in February. , Aid and a weapon to a confused country.

However, Russian President Vladimir Puttin has retaliated by reducing access to natural gas supplies in some European countries, including Germany, Europe's largest economy.

"The way to get there in the short term, build in the medium term, and ensure long-term coverage is just to discuss in the next few days. Trudeau is an ally Not only with the G7 leaders, but with the leaders from all over the world who join us in Germany to tackle this issue. "

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Food crisis expected to dominate the trio of the International Summit in Trudeau, Ukraine

India is not a G7 country, but German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz has called on his Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the talks.

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India, which has developed as a growth market for Russia's oil, has 3 at the United Nations to condemn Putin's invasion of Ukraine. I abstained from voting for the month. ..

Meanwhile, Modi opted out of attending the Federal Summit and instead met virtually with leaders from Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa.

Trudeau told Schortz about the need to invest in infrastructure that would help pull Europe away from Russia's oil, saying adding Canada could be part of the solution. I did.

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The Prime Minister still said how Canada can help, but it will be the subject of the first session of the talks. The

session will also focus on the impact of rising prices on low-income countries, meeting Ukraine's financial needs and protecting the supply chain from economic shocks and geopolitical threats. The office said.

The conflict in Ukraine has also reduced the supply of Russian and Ukrainian grain to the most vulnerable countries in the world.

Trudeau said famine was of paramount importance to G7 leaders during their withdrawal in the Bavarian Alps.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to address his leaders during the three-day summit.

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