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After Julia Budinsky's death, the Blue Jays on the West Coast Swing have a heavy heart

Blue Jays starting pitcher Alek Manoah (6) delivers a pitch against the Oakland Athletics in the first inning at RingCentral Coliseum on Monday night.
Blue Jays starting pitcher Oakland Athletics (6) will provide a pitch to Oakland Athletics in the first inning at the RingCentral Coliseum on Monday night. Photo: D. Ross Cameron/USA Today Sports

Auckland — Now Unbearable Pain — Charlie during an important baseball game Montoyo knew exactly what he needed.

Saturday afternoon, the moment when the Blue Jays knew the tragic death of Julia, the teenage daughter of Mark Badzinski, the first base coach, of that heartache. Inside, Montoyo's instinct took over.

It was more important for Montoyo to be a good person than to be a manager.

So in the early doubleheader innings for Raise, Montoyo went to the clubhouse with his friends, colleagues, and fellow believers.

"From my experience, the game continued because Alex (his son) was in the hospital when he was fighting for his life," he said. Depressed Montoyo said here on Monday afternoon, number 81 of 162, before the baseball game actually took place.

"It was more important to be with my friends. I knew baseball would continue. I saw how bad my friends were. I played games. It's incredible how strong the man, his strength, and how he treated it. "

How strong ..

In a river near her family's home in Richmond, Virginia, a few hours after learning that 17-year-old Julie had died in a tube accident, Budinsky was also thinking about a second family. I did.

Most importantly, of course, his wife Monica and her two other children were all in immense pain. But when he tried to deal with the pain, and when the early moments of sadness began, he couldn't help thinking of the children of baseball.

Quiet and unpretentious Budinsky has been a big part of the growth of many young Jays.

"Bad" was a stable hand and voice until Teoscar Hernandez and Lourdes Gurriel became solid outfielders and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. transformed into first baseman.

So, on his way home, the coaching instinct took over and he entered the group text into the player.

"Please continue," writes Budzinski. "See you later."

When the text was processed, there wasn't much dry eye.

It was a similar message when Montoyo contacted him on Monday. The team was preparing for the first of three matches against A here.

Selfless and selfless, Budinsky asked if there was anything he could do to help with the preparation and reconnaissance reports. Not only is he definitely looking for something to distract, but he's also a sign of his dedication to the team.

"It's very impressive, how strong his faith is, and how he treats it," Montoyo said. "If you have a family, you know.

" 17-year-old daughter. Think for a moment. She was a lively and very nice person ... "

Julia Budinsky was not just Montoyo's name. In fact, he had just met a rising star soccer player and the rest of the Budinskis at a pre-match Sunday Mass at the team's Rogers Center at the home stand two weeks ago.

Then Julia Buzinski spends time with Alex Montoyo to get to know each other as part of that expanding baseball family that makes up the bulk of life and lifestyle. became.

From Montoyo to the rest of the coach staff and players, Sunday's match was almost impossible to navigate and lost to the raise 7-3. A heavy heart headed west and started a seven-game road trip.

"It was hard," Montoyo said. "I came up with the idea that I wasn't playing."

Yes, the show must continue, is it a heartache? And if the compliment Monica Budinsky gave at the Sunday night rally in Richmond is your guide, it's probably the way Julia might have wanted it.

"It was a lot of happiness and fun for her on the last day of the planet," Julia's mother, Monica Buzinski, was on her alert and her voice was unwavering. "Sadly, obviously to the end. But it was happy, laughing, having a good time ... and that's how I remember her."

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