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Hong Kong's freedom has "disappeared", Taiwan talks about wedding anniversary

Hong Kong's freedomhas "disappeared" andChinahas failed to fulfill its 50-year promise.TaiwanPrime Minister Su Tseng-chang said on Friday that Hong Kong's celebrated its 25th anniversary after returning to Chinese rule.

China's President Xi Jinping rarely visited the world's financial hubs on Friday and swore to Hong Kong's new leader, John Lee, the new leader of . So his role in enforcing the National Security Act.

China claims that most Taiwanese people are not interested in Beijing's operations, and the government, like Hong Kong and Macau, is China's "one country, two systems" to govern the island. I repeatedly rejected the proposal for "system". ..

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Talking to a Taipei reporter, Mr. Sue said he promised that life in Hong Kong would continue as usual after the delivery did not take place.

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"It's only been 25 years, but the promises of the past haven't changed for 50 years." Dance Continued, horses still run, "disappeared, and even freedom and democracy disappeared," added Su , adding that uses to see how life doesn't change. I used the Hong Kong expression for. Chinese rule.

"We also know that we must uphold Taiwan's sovereignty, freedom and democracy," Sue added. "China's so-called" one country, two systems "simply couldn't stand the test.

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Anti-Government Protest Hong Kong The subsequent crackdown and enforcement of strict national security laws has been widely criticized in democratic Taiwan. The Beijing and Hong Kong governments say a law is needed to restore the stability of the city.

On July 1, 1997, Britain returned Hong Kong to Chinese rule under the "one country, two systems" formula, which guarantees widespread autonomy and judicial independence not found in mainland China. I did.

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Government critics, including Western nations, have accused authorities of trampling on these freedoms that Beijing and Hong Kong denied. I'm blaming you.

Hong Kong marks delivery to China after national security law begins – June 30, 2020

China To get Taiwan, which is increasing military and political pressure, to accept China's sovereignty. The Taiwanese government says that only the people of the island can decide their future.

Later on Friday, Taiwan's small Unionist Party held a short rally outside the Bank of China building in Taipei to celebrate the anniversary, but more than party supporters. The police attended.

They dispersed within an hour.

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