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Joe Biden started the summer with his presidency looking destined.

Now he's suddenly on a winning streak.

As an example on Tuesday he signed and enacted his two important bills in two separate events in one day. NATO's expansion and funding of high-tech manufacturing. Along with some of the most notable gun laws in decadesinfrastructure fundingveterans billPerhaps in the next few days 

American lawmakers are about to adopt an important plan for Biden's agenda. The bill includes drug price controls and the largest federal climate change plan in US history.

Bad news for Biden: He is historically unpopularand disillusionment with high inflation and unfulfilled promises drives his support. is depleted. The good news: Scholars who study the legislative record of presidents have come to put presidential success rates in decent historical companies.

"In my opinion, what he got is important," saidauthor and founder of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University. said his James Thurber.

He spent his first two years under Biden getting tax reform, but not the health care or infrastructure bills he wanted, more so than the Donald Trump era. has also been more fruitful on the legislative side. He also considers it more productive than George W. Bush, whose most important early bill was the Anti-Terrorist Patriot Act.

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US Senate Passes the Inflation Reduction Act — a bill that will shape the regime's legacy This includes a $369 billion investment in clean energy and provisions to lower the cost of prescription drugs and raise taxes for large corporations.

 colleagues said that Biden's list of early victories in the legislature soon became the list of Ronald Reagan and his massive tax cuts.;Bill Clinton and his NAFTA and crime bills; and Barack Obama's stimulus bill and his health reforms

recently President of the United States],” said John Dearborn,author and scholar of the American Presidency and Congress at Vanderbilt University. 

Remarkable success in a difficult situation

These analysts see Biden's success in a difficult congressional situation as notable. Passing the bill means rallying all Democrats, from Socialists to Conservatives, to push the bill through his two equally divided Houses.

After a year of coordination and inauguration, the Senate finally passed a vast statute, a complex process that bypassed the 60% filibuster rule and allowed for simple majority budget votes. Passed.

That's not all Biden promised, indeed, his presidency was a reminder of how often election promises are disconnected from the realities of American governance. The president doesn't actually control Congress. All the President can do is push ideas, call meetings, and, importantly, get out of the way when necessary. 

Scholars believe that every vote matters, given that the Senate was split 50 to 50 against him. Biden's agenda, he says, worked. That challenge was highlighted when his 82-year-old Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy stepped into a wheelchair to help pass a budget bill after his month in hospital with a broken hip. rice field. (Ken Cedeno/Reuters)

That's what happened in recent budget negotiations: Biden didn't stand out in the Senate's mostly secret meetings. The 

critical holdout vote was hailed by conservative states where tying to Biden could spell political death. Biden has his Senate colleagues quietly tackle West Virginia's Joe Manchin. Mr. Manchin shocked American politics late last month by suddenly announcing that he had signed a broader-than-expected agenda bill into law.

Thurber endorsed Biden's opinion.

"He really understood the nature of the Senate," Thurber said. 

So what does his Legislative Scorecard look like now?

Biden Wins: Climate, Roads and Technology

Top of the list of legislative achievements is climate change. That assumes the House will pass its Senate budget bill in the coming days, as expected.

The so-called Inflation Reduction Act includesapproximately $400 billion in tax credits and subsidies for countless clean energy programs. Clean up utilities.

This is due to Biden rejoining the Paris Agreement, purchasing zero-emission vehicles for the federal government, and the Arctic. oil drilling moratorium.

The Zero Lab at Princeton University estimates that the upcoming budget will reduce U.S. emissions by 42% of his. It's not as ambitious as the previous bill, known as Build Back Better, and it's not at the level scientists say will stop global warming, but it's a big leap from the current emissions trajectory. (CBC News)

This plan could have global repercussions: Princeton University's Zero Lab says the bill will lift him from the atmosphere to 1 billion tons by 2030 of greenhouse gases is estimated to be removed. Current global emissions are a percent of 50 billion tons, according to his Jesse Jenkins told his CBC News. 

Such reductions would carry the planet to some extent, but would not reduce emissions almost completely Scientists of global warming, which it says will prevent a catastrophic 2-degree temperature rise.

Climate component of upcoming Inflation Reduction Act includes hundreds of billions of dollars for clean energy, including electric vehicles and chargers . (Jim Vondruska/Reuters)

Infrastructure is another issue Biden has pushed forward. He spent $2 trillion on infrastructure such as roads, bridges, public transport, railroads, electric vehicles, electric vehicle chargers, grid electrification, and rural broadband his Internet. I made plans to spend

Many Republicans voted to help Trump failhis success. An estimated $415 billion was previously unplanned new spending.

The bipartisan vote also helped the United States pass legislation designed to boost technological competition with China's manufacturing. When he signed the bill into law on Tuesday, Biden referred to a conversation he once had with a Chinese president, vowing to protect America's manufacturing capabilities.

He once told Xi Jinping on the Tibetan Plateau that "everything is possible in America."

Setbacks: Families, Immigration and Electoral Reform

But some possibilities remain unfulfilled.

Biden campaigned for more generous family policies. Paid parental leave is lacking in the US, unlike other developed countries. Universal Kindergarten; and child tax credit similar to Canada.

Manchin cut it out of the budget. He initially favored spending more than, but as negotiations progressed he became hesitant about the cost. For those working from low-income families, this was a demoralizing development.

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A Fluid Economy And the midterm elections are looming. What is at stake for Democrats and Republicans? And for former presidents. Trump, for that matter. New Republic's Grace Seegers provides analysis in a conversation with CBC News Network's John Northcott.

Allison Bovell-Ammon said her colleagues witnessed the effects of the child tax credit, which was part of the temporary pandemic relief bill. She said the Boston Medical Center, which is affiliated with her research group Children's HealthWatch, has reduced malnutrition rates in patients.

"We have a moment and an opportunity to make real change [for struggling families]," Bobel Amon said in an interview.

"I am deeply disappointed that I missed these opportunities.

She noted that federal data reduced food shortages by 26% in the months in which the children's tax credit was in existence and expired in December. It showed a 12% increase after — families were hit by inflation.

Failure to reform the immigration system has left hundreds of thousands of people like Marina her Mahmud here in Washington. I see you protesting. (Marina Mahmud)

Immigration is also an unfinished business. America's politicians agree that the system needs a major upgrade, but reform is a political disagreement has been stagnant for decades.

Marina Mahmoud said she had high hopes for Biden when she took office. She had lived a precarious life in the United States since the age of three,her family her family without her papers. I took him.  She was created by Obama, canceled by Trump, reinstated by Biden, and now critics call the program unconstitutional.

Mahmoud said she doesn't believe Biden is responsible for the parliamentary impasse, but she hopes the issue will be given higher priority.

"It's been my reality for a long time. Nothing has changed except my hopes," said a Michigan business student on Tuesday. 

"I was very hopeful....Now I'm like, 'Oh, it went out the window.'"

Senator Joe Manchin decided which part of Biden's agenda survived and which part died. Seen here on August 3, the West Senator from Virginia torpedoed part of his agenda but spared climate, drugs and infrastructure plans. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Reform of the US political system also appears to be stalling. 

Biden should have campaigned with new political funding rules to make donations more transparent. The new Voting Rights Act sidesteps state measures that complicate voting. And he,Washington D. C.and Puerto Rico

in favor of  state promotion. in the Senate. Some Democrats, including Manchin, have refused to change the 60-vote rule for most types of legislation. It effectively kills these ideas.

Current Senate Rule requires his 10 Republican votes, and there is no sign of Republican support.

Mixed Outcomes: Guns, Healthcare

Biden bans so-called assault rifles on and reduces minimum purchase age to his I was hoping to raise it to 21. not awake

But Congress passed the most important gun safety bill in decades after the Uvalde, Texas school massacre, Added background his checks and suggestions. Pay the state cash for red flag laws.

Biden won another partial victory in healthcare — a very partial victory. He promised to expand public health care by lowering the Medicare eligibility age from his 65 to his 60. The idea failed in Congress.

But the current budget bill expands subsidies to lower insurance premiums under the so-called Obamacare program. The percentage of Americans without insurance is now at a record low of 8%After years it will cut costs.

Biden's former presidential primary opponents raged on the Senate floor over the bill. According to Bernie Sanders, this is not what the American people expected.

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Interstate A person seeking an abortion to move. Roe v. It's the second executive order Biden has signed on abortion rights, following his June Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Wade ruling.

Sanders voted for the bill, but in a scathing speech denounced the corruption of the American political system. He said Americans are losing faith in democratic politics and are terrified. 

"[It] is a very dangerous moment for American democracy," Sanders said. ``People in this country believe our political system is corrupt. It underscored one central premise of the campaign: the reforms Sanders promised were unachievable and unlikely to pass Congress.

But Biden's main message is that in a country where anything seems possible, politics is the art of possibility.