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"Unbelievable": Parents seek justice after a boy's injury in a motorcycle crash with an off-duty police officer

Doris and Vernsweeney say their son is "trying to move forward" after being hit by a car while riding a motorcycle in 2019 and having a part of his leg amputated. I am.

"He's trying to move on, but it's very difficult," Doris Sweeney told Global News in tears. "In his lifetime, his entire trajectory has changed."

Stuart was swayed by a vehicle along theHighway 7in York, September 2019. Thrown out of the bike on the 29th-Durhamline.

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Stuart's His father, Vern, was "thrown into the ditch."

"There are many meters deep in the ditch," Vernon Sweeney said. "When he lay there and figured out what had happened, he thought, well, someone would bring me."

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But at trial, Stuart testified that no one came to help.

Instead, he could call 9-1-1 himself.

Vern said he kept calling for a few minutes, asking for help and trying to guide the rescuers to where he was lying.

Stuart, 23 at the time of the accident, was hospitalized for four months and had his left leg amputated on his knee.

His arm was also shattered and he had to reconstruct two very long surgeries, Dr. Doris said.

Stuart Sweeney had part of his left leg amputated after he was struck by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle along Highway 7.
Stuart Sweeney hits a car while riding a bike along Highway 7 after hitting a car I cut off a part of his left foot. ..Provided

York District Police Officer off-duty Nathan Coates was charged in connection with the clash.

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According to police, he stopped at 3.8 km from the scene.

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The Nissan Pathfinder he was driving had no headlights and side mirrors, and the wheels were damaged. Was there.

An off-duty tow truck driver came to Coates and his vehicle and contacted the police.

The tow truck driver testified in court that Coates' behavior was "strange" and his answers were ubiquitous.

He told the court that Coates knew that a collision had occurred, because Sweeney was driving with his high beams.

Doris said she and Vernon were "unbelievable" when they learned that police officers had been charged in connection with beating her son.

"A person hired to protect the masses, someone in a car who says" act speaks "can hit someone and leave them in the ditch to follow their path. I couldn't believe it, even after he was informed of what happened, without calling 9-1-1, for another 3.8 km, we couldn't believe it completely. "She said.

Coates was originally charged with disability, disability that causes physical disability, dangerous driving that causes physical harm, and failure to stop after an accident.

However, the judge destroyed the impaired driving charges and breath samples collected after Coates' defense counsel claimed that his charter rights had been violated.

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The accused pleaded not guilty to the indictment.

Coates lawyers claim that he had a concussion during the collision and could not understand what he was doing and where he was.

The crown claimed that Coates wanted to escape from the clash and knew he was speeding, distracting, and perhaps impaired.

The court heard at the time of the crash that the accused was driving above the posted speed limit of 30 km / h.

The speed limit in this area is 70km / h.

The judge withheld his decision until September. Coates continues his paid suspension until the outcome of the trial.

Doris said Stuart wanted his family to move beyond the incident.

"The whole experience was very difficult for the whole family, mainly for Stuart, of course," she said. "He doesn't want us to be hurt already or more than ever."

But Doris said it was "unlikely."

"He's a man, because he's our baby," she said.

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Van states that his family is very proud of Stuart and calls him a "hero". He added that he was back on the mountain.

"He's moving forward and we're very proud," he said.

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