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"It's really terrible": More Calgary suburbs are being considered for development

The controversial subject of suburban development heads to the city hall on Monday.

According to thegrowth strategysubmitted to the city council on Monday, Calgary's population will be 22,000 or even 88,000 a year between 2023 and 2026. It is expected to increase. People in total.

City officials currently recommend five new communities to meet demand, and "three more communities if services, operational cost efficiency, and absorption risks can be mitigated." increase.

"It's really scary to be in front of us. I hope this new council, which has declared a climate emergency, rejects it altogether," said the Sustainable Calgary Society. Founder and retired Noel Keough said. Associate Professor of Sustainable Design at the University of Calgary.

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"This should be a city-wide growth plan, but it's actually a suburban growth plan."

He says the prices of suburban homes may look cheap, but there are many other costs associated with them, such as infrastructure and the environment.

"Taxpayers, especially fiscal conservatives, should be most concerned because of the huge spending that comes from continuing to build vast cities, which are more expensive cities. "Keef said.

"It's pretty clear that we want to review these business cases from a financial perspective, but also from a climate perspective," says Ward9 Coun. Giancarlo Carla.

Carra said infrastructure upgrades and the use of existing roads are cheaper and better for the environment. However, Carra added that going to a "cold turkey" is not feasible when building in the suburbs. It just pushes people into places like Airdrie and Chestermere.

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Carla is the city's The new climate strategy is at odds with growth strategies, but he says "life is cluttered," and at least the council is discussing the costs of subsidizing urban sprawl.

"Urban redevelopment wins every day, but we're not there yet, so we're currently having a very difficult conversation about keeping up with growth at the edge." Carra said.

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"The report is also still paying from 2018 and 2020 It is a mass of change that has been acknowledged and is paying from previous growth decisions. ”

The report reports that the approval of the business case has increased greenhouse gas emissions across the city to 300 hectares. It states that more than two natural assets will be destroyed.

The Commission decides whether to include the new community in the four-year budget plan submitted to Congress in November.

"We are living in an era of climate emergency, which is a tough situation. I have been working on expanding redevelopment in the city center for the last 11 years of my life, and it's about to come. I'm here, "Carra said.

The report states, "The approval of the new community will fix the generation of high energy intensity land use and transport patterns and make it more difficult to achieve the city's 2050 climate. It states that it will eliminate a large area of ​​mitigating natural resources. Net zero emissions target. "

" Approval of recommended business case portfolios will result in approximately city-wide GHG
emissions. An increase of 1% increases climate risk by exposing developed land and assets to climate hazards, resulting in the destruction of over 300 hectares of natural resources and the ecosystem services they provide. ”

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