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Juhl: Three road trip games to prevent kids from turning corners

These ideas will help you spend time in the car and you don't have to buy anything to play.

The My Cows road-trip game can be played with any combination of rules, from wickedly complicated to lazily simple.
My Cows road trip games are lazy from terribly complex Even the simplest rules. Photo by News Canada / sumroeng chinnapan / Shutterstock /Shutterstock

On the continent, someone in our car May suddenly shout, "All of you are dead."

But it's not as creepy as you might think. Or maybe it is. Let's start from the beginning.

My CowsRoad trip games can be played with any combination of rules, from very complex to lazy and simple. And you don't have to buy anything to play. The basics are as follows:

  • When someone sees a cow in the car, they claim to be "my cow". You have to be fast. You can claim cows, sheep, horses, or whatever your family decides to be a fair game. Each sighting information is counted as a point or swarm.
  • The person who first says "marry my cow" when passing through the place of worship doubles the points. Not all livestock can be married. You need to choose cows, sheep and horses. I'm sorry, interspecific marriage is not okay.
  • The first person to shout when passing through the graveyard: "All your cows are dead." You can target herds of other players. If the family or child is not calm in the area of ​​death, you can use "All cows are hidden in the barn" instead.
  • The game ends when you arrive at your destination, when two or more players fall asleep, or when a battle breaks out and you have to play a mouse game for a while (don't worry). Please.
  • Another rule:If you find a hospital that targets a herd of someone, say "mad cow disease" and cut their points in half. Every time you witness McDonald. "Cow Cash" turns your cow into a hamburger. The player with the most hamburgers wins.
  • Pro Tip: Young players because the road is often not clearly visible from the backseat spots Reduce slack. It's not fun if you haven't seen the graveyard first.

There's already a lot of lists of words your child shouldn't say There are, but some more uniqueforbidden words to find and switch.Forbidden words are "hungry", "time", "dad", etc. Play My Cows If you do, you don't want to ban words like "sheep". Every time someone says that word, they get points, but the one with the fewest points wins. Every 5 minutes. It makes me think twice about asking when I'm hungry or whining that I'm hungry. A better scenario: it will expand their vocabulary and make points.

Themed punsare best. When they happen organically, they get even better. The driver says, "Where she picks up that numberplate. Do you think you put it in? I think it's Al-ask-a, "he started a lot of follow-ups, such as" I don't know about Swiss license plates, but their flag is a big plus. " 57}

Here's the bonus. At least until the kids catch up, I promise to buy a few minutes of comfort when I need it most. In mouse games,Challenges everyone in the car to be as quiet as a mouse. They can't make noise. It's not one sound. Those who continue for a long time will receive a reward.

But in reality, the real reward is that silence. They may fall asleep by accident.

Playing safely on the road

When traveling with children, there are other safety factors besides wearing properly fitted seat belts and using child seats properly. Here are some professional tips inspired by the list distributed by

Taking regular breaksgives the driver a rest while the children are burning energy. It also gives the kids something to look forward to.

If possible, keepcool by parking in the shade with an air conditioner. The temperatures in the front and rear seats are different, so check in frequently with your child to make sure there are no problems.

Sunscreen is mandatoryand can be reapplied at rest areas. Have your child wear lightweight clothing. Light clothing, such as a traditional burp blanket, is great for covering your feet and keeps you cool, but it doesn't ignite the sun through the windows.

It's no joke that you have a car illness.These car games are useful because they can get worse when you read or look at your device. Always be ready to nausea (check for holes) and plan to pull safely. Not all children respond well to motion sickness medications. Talk to your doctor and do a test run first.

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