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Kitchener, Ontario man pleads guilty to threatening prime minister to cancel 2021 election campaign

A man from Kitchener, Ontario, pleaded guilty to threatening Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last summer while campaigning in nearby Cambridge.

Assistant to the Crown Attorney's Office in the Waterloo Area His Crown Attorney Thomas His Dyer was indicted for issuing death threats and threats to cause bodily harm confirmed.

Dyer pleaded guilty to a death threat charge last week, court documents confirm.

On August 29, 2021, Trudeau visited a company inCambridgeto give a speech. Police at the time said they were forced to delay his appearance due to a protest attended by up to 200 people.

and issued death threats. They also hurled racist and misogyny insults against people of color and the women of liberal his leader's protection force.

On 10 September 2021, Waterloo District Police announced that a 32-year-old Kitchener man had been arrested and charged with two counts of making threats.

Court documents show that a similar meeting had previously been held in Barrie, where Dyer is believed to have attended.

Details of the investigation 

After the August incident, local police initially said no one had been arrested or charged. However, an investigation was quickly launched based on information from the RCMP, eyewitnesses and videos posted on social media.

Dyer was identified in media reports and videos posted online during the August 29 campaign suspension, according to court documents. A Liberal Democratic Party official also took a video. Footage shows Dyer holding a poster depicting a hangman leading the Prime Minister to a noose.

In the video, Dyer "expressed violent and anti-government views," court documents said.

Dyer reiterated his political stance, admitting to attending rallies after he was arrested in September, according to court documents. 

Dyer was released at his own risk and is expected to be sentenced on 20 October 2022. After sentencing, he withdraws.

Dyer's legal representative did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.