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Letter to the Sun, July 2, 2022: Prime Minister John Horgan exceeded expectations

Premier John Horgan announced Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at the Pinnacle Hotel in Vancouver that he will not be seeking re-election and that he is stepping down as party leader pending a leadership race.
Prime Minister John Horgan on Tuesday Announced on June 28, 2022, at the Pinnacle Hotel in Vancouver, he announced that he would not seek reelection and would resign as leader while waiting for the leadership race. Photo: Jason Payne /PNG

John Horgan rates it as the best in BC. Since he arrived in British Columbia, he has been appointed Prime Minister. Sure, the bar was set very low by his two predecessors, but how exhilarating it was to see the premiere exceeded expectations and consistently treats voters with respect.

Thank you to Mr. Hogan and wish him a new health.

Ken Lutes, Vancouver

Journalism is important in the pursuit of justice

Lori Culbert's"True Crime Byline"Vancouver It's Sun's article, and I'd like to take some time to praise her and her colleagues for working on this story over the years. That makes a lot of sense to me, as I started working on government services for several low-income housing projects in Downtown Eastside in 2008, before I became a lawyer. Even after his conviction, Picton's shadow spread to the neighborhood, and some of the individuals I worked with knew some of Picton's victims, or else the effects of his horrific crimes. I was receiving it.

I think our society has made some progress with respect to vulnerable and marginalized individuals, but there is still a long way to go. Writing with respect and compassion for Picton's victims (and their friends and loved ones), humanizing them and showing the world why they are not "consumables" is a great service, Vancouver Sun Thank you for the efforts of .

You went when the public became very hostile to the news media and the cry of "fake news" was full of our public discourse. My job is journalism, which pursues justice and retains the power to explain.

David Cassels, Vancouver 

We must be vigilant for urban canopies

Re:B.C. Heat Dome Fallout: Experts warn against becoming an "air-conditioned society" as heat waves heat up

"B.C." Heat Dome Fallout " He emphasized the importance of urban canopies and the value of trees and vegetation in mitigating the damage caused by overheating. However, according to the 2019 report quoted in the article, "the existing canopy was declining due to urban development." Percentages are not provided, but I am convinced that recent urban canopy destruction is serious. For example, developers recently destroyed 21 acres of forest in Pacific Spirit Park. This is a business that must have wiped out thousands of carbon and heat-absorbing trees.

A similar destruction of lush green space for real estate development is ready to swallow 90 acres of Jericholand. If no one is wary of our urban canopy, what is wary of the dreaded heat dome? Thousands of trees and acres of green space will be destroyed before sufficient resistance to the rampant green space that destroys the development build.

Eric Levy, Vancouver

The pressure on retirees and workers today has been around for decades. Over the last 40 years, pressure on the middle class could be primarily due to wage restraints due to privatization, deregulation, autososhinguing, trade union attacks, the use of temporary workers, and the acceptance of higher levels of unemployment. There is sex.

If wages are low, the elite can benefit. This is because it increases productivity and increases business profits. In addition, in order to maintain a standard of living, poor workers can be made to borrow, which is another way to draw wealth while keeping their labor obedient.

Instead of fighting inflation by plunging interest rates that enrich banks but make debtors poor, the government imposes excess profit taxes on discounted companies, more directly to the most vulnerable companies. We can provide assistance. According to the International Monetary Fund, "Government needs to subsidize food and energy costs for the poorest people in society."

Larry Kazdan, Vancouver

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