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Lilly: Mounty refutes Trudeau liberal claim of no political interference in shooting investigation

The Trudeau government continues to say it never interfered in the investigation into the Nova Scotia mass shooting, even as senior Mounties say otherwise.
RCMP police at entrance to Portapique Beach Rd. After completing the search for mass murderer Gabriel Wortman in Portupick, New South Wales, April 19, 2020. REUTERS/John Morris/File Photo Photo by Reuters

The Trudeau government intervened in a Nova Scotia shooting investigation. I keep saying no.

On Tuesday, two of his senior members of the RCMP, an officer and a civilian, testified before the Commons Commission on the nature of interference.

While I have remained critical of his RCMP handling of the Nova Scotia case, Prime Minister Trudeau's PMO and then-Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair's office have confirmed that they There is no doubt that I have reached out where I have not been. does not belong

"The commissioner did not express his definite disappointment in unclear terms for not releasing specific information at the press conference regarding the firearms used by the shooters," he Supt. Darren Campbell said.

Campbell was referring to a conference call requested by RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lackey on April 28, 2020. According to some accounts of that call, Lucky was upset that Campbell did not disclose the names and types of firearms used by gunmen in the April 2020 massacre that rocked Nova Scotia days earlier. was

Lucky wanted that information released based on promises Campbell made to her political leaders in her PMO and Blair's office.

Promise to Trudeau's office

"The Commissioner said she felt disrespected, sad and disappointed by the fact that I had not released information about firearms. "She had promised the Minister and the Prime Minister's Office that information on firearms would be included in the press conference."

Campbell's view is that an investigation is ongoing and While the RCMP was working with the Canadian Border Services Agency, the FBI and other US agencies, it was unwise to release the information. According to Campbell's testimony, Trudeau's liberals were about to introduce new laws, and she had made promises to political bosses, so Lucky believed otherwise. 47}

"At the time, the commissioner told my colleagues and me that he didn't understand that this was tied to pending legislation that would make police officers and the public safer," Campbell said.

This reference to the law turned out to be the government's plan to combat gun crime by banning the use of guns by legal and licensed gun owners. . Forgetting the fact that the shooter in the case, Gabriel Wortman, had a violent record, was banned by the court from owning a gun, had no license, and stole or illegally imported a gun.

Trudeau had an agenda to work on, and Lucky was going to help him with it.

At the time, she was in charge of communications for her RCMP in Nova Scotia, and was summoned to organize a conference call between her team and the Nova Scotia Commissioner. Her Lia Scanlan said:

"Whether you're talking about promise, pressure, or influence, they all lead to the same end result," Scanlan said. Told.

Scanlan said she never disputed the memo Campbell took and submitted to the Mass Casualty Commission at the time. She added that everyone "understood exactly" what Lucky said on the phone. A consistent story was later obtained from every member of the Nova Scotia RCMP who testified (Campbell, Scanlan, Leather, Bergerman). They all stressed that there was political interference in the investigation and that they were pressured to release information that officers on the scene thought would compromise the investigation.

Meanwhile, PMO's Bill Blair and Lucki claim nothing happened or there was no undue pressure.

Who are you going to believe?

A group of four senior cavalrymen or politicians, including Lucky.

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