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The memorial bench for overdose victims is funded by Penticton, British Columbia. Council

Gordo Portman, a resident of Penticton, British Columbia, quickly achieved his overdose commemorative bench funding goal.

Portman proposed an idea in June. It will be a way for people to remember those who died from overdose.

The Pentikton City Council unanimously voted to cover the bench installation.

Pentikton City Council members and friends Portman and James Miller raised money through a grassroots movement.

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"I think I've raised $ 8,030, so I'll put some money into the landscaping," Portman said.

"It was very shocking. People are still catching me to donate to me. I didn't think anyone was so excited, but many I'm excited. "

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Portman meets with Pentikton's city planners this week to discuss bench logistics. It's a schedule.

"I hope the day of overdose awareness on August 31st will be revealed. Hopefully it will be completed by August, if not September."

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For several years, Portman fought addiction. He lost 104 friends due to overdose. Two years before it became sober, Portman thought that the city needed a place for everyone to enjoy in order to grieve those who died in the ongoing illegal drug crisis.

Commemorative bench for victims of overdose marketed for Penticton – June 7, 2022

Aggressive While addicted to, Portman says he visited a particular place at Mariaaway Park overlooking Lake Okanagan, the same place he pitched on the bench.

The ceremony will be held when the bench is installed. The schedule will be announced when the construction plan is finalized.

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"I want to thank the community for the overwhelming amount of support, but that makes a lot of sense," Portman said. Mr. says.

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