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Missiles kill 17 shots near Odesa after Ukraine recaptures Snake Island

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MaxHunder and TomBalmforth

KYIV —Russian missiles attack apartments and resorts near Odesa, Ukraine's Black Sea Port, early Friday, killing and injuring at least 17 people Dozens of deadly missile attacks have occurred one after another, according to Ukrainian officials.

Russia has used more than half of its inaccurate Soviet-era missiles in the last two weeks to attack missiles nationwide, as ground forces are concentrated in the eastern industrial area of ​​Ukraine, Donbus. More than doubled the number. Attacks, according to the Ukrainian brigade leader.

One missile attacked a nine-story building in the town of Bilhorod-Donistrovsky at 1 am (Thursday 2200 GMT), the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine said. Said. In addition, a fire broke out in the attached store building.

Ukrainian state television said that rescue operations are underway as some people were buried under rubble after part of the building collapsed, Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odesa local government. Told to.

Another missile attacked the resort facility, killing at least three people, including children, and injuring another, Bratuk said.

Reuters could not independently confirm the details of the case.

Thousands of civilians have died since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. Ukraine states that it is an unprovoked war of aggression. Moscow denies targeting civilians and states that it will only affect military infrastructure called "special operations" to eradicate dangerous nationalists.

Attack withdraws from Snake Island on Thursday as a "good faith gesture" to show that Moscow is not blocking attempts to open a humanitarian corridor that allows grain Shipped from Ukraine happened after stating that it was decided to do.

Ukraine said it had expelled Russian troops from the Black Sea outcrops after a cannon and missile attack, and President Volodymyr Zelensky praised his strategic victory.

"Security is not yet guaranteed. It is not yet guaranteed that the enemy will not come back," he said in his nightly video address. "But this severely limits the actions of the occupiers. Step by step, we push them back from our seas, our lands, and our skies."

But in contrast, Ukrainian troops were desperately hanging in the city of Lysychansik.

Russian artillery fired from different directions while Russian troops were approaching from several sides, local governor Serhiy Gaidai said on Ukrainian television.

"The firepower dominance of the occupiers is still very clear," Zelensky said. "They simply brought in all the reserves to attack us."

Russian troops went to the other side of the Siverskyi Donets last week after several weeks of fierce fighting. Since occupying a Siverskyi Donetsk, he has been trying to surround Lysychans'k.

In Severodonetsk, residents are coming out of the basement, sifting through the rubble of an abandoned city and trying to rebuild it.

"Almost all urban infrastructure has been destroyed. We have lived without gas, electricity and water since May," said 65-year-old resident Sergei Orenik, Reuters. Told to. "I'm glad this is over. Soon the reconstruction will begin and will more or less return to normal life."

Assistance to Ukraine

Here and there Despite giving up ground in eastern Donbus for a week and suffering punishable losses, Ukraine hopes to exhaust Russia's advancing troops and do enough damage to counter them-in the southern part of the region. I was attacked.

Western allies in Ukraine are sending weapons, and the Kieu government has given further support to the United States by saying it will provide an additional $ 800 million in weapons and military aid.

After the NATO summit in Madrid, US President Joe Biden said Washington and his allies had united to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I don't know how it will end, but it won't end with Russia defeating Ukraine," Biden said at a press conference. "We will support Ukraine as much as necessary."

Smoke and Fire

In the "South" district of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Joint Command Ukrainian troops killed 35 Russian troops and removed two tanks from action. Four armored vehicles, according to a Ukrainian military statement on Facebook on Friday.

"The Ukrainian army not only holds the fortress line, but also succeeds in an operation aimed at freeing the occupied towns of the Kherson region from invaders," Kryvyi Rih said. Regional Governor Oleksandr Birkle said in a telegram and Ukrainian troops regained the town of Potiomkin.

Reuters could not immediately confirm the battlefield claim.

Snake Island was retaken by Ukraine a few weeks after the momentum of the conflict four months ago seemed to shift in favor of Russia.

Brigadier General Oleksii Hromov said that Ukrainian troops have not yet occupied the island, but will.

Rocky outcrops overlook sea lanes to Odesa, Ukraine's main Black Sea port, where Russia is blocking food cargo from the world's leading grain suppliers.

Breaking the blockade was a major Western goal. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has accused Russia of deliberately causing world hunger as "blackmail."

Moscow has denied the blockade of the port and accused food shortages of western sanctions stating that it would limit its exports.

Indonesian leader Joko Widodo, who spoke in Moscow on Thursday, offered to become a diplomatic bridge between Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, the world's food and fertilizer supply line. Said he wanted to be repaired.

"I am really grateful to President Putin for providing security to the supply of food and fertilizer from both Russia and Ukraine. This is good news," he said. rice field.

(Report by Reuters, written by Grant McCool and Lincoln Feast, edited by Stephen Coates)