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Motor Race-Protesters attack British Grand Prix truck after crash

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SILVERSTONE — Protester A massive opening lap crash at the British Grand Prix on Sunday struck Silverstone Truck after a red flag to stop the race.

British police had previously said that a group of protesters had credible information that they had planned to thwart the Grand Prix.

While the race was flagged red, Marshall and police wrestled with protesters and heard crowds booing, so the car was still slowly dragging the car off the circuit. I was heading towards the pit lane.

It was not immediately clear what the truck invaders were protesting.

"After the red flag, we can see that some people tried to get into the truck," Formula One said in a statement. "These people were quickly taken away and the problem is now being dealt with by the local government."

Due to the opening lap collision, Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu's Alfa Romeo was between the tire barrier and the catch fence. Was sandwiched between.

The FIA ​​ruler said the emergency crew immediately went to the scene and pulled out the lap. Zhou slipped the car upside down along the truck before overcoming the barrier.

The newcomer remained conscious and was taken to a medical center for further evaluation with Alexander Albon of Williams.

With about 140,000 spectators on a circuit about 90 minutes away from London, this race is one of the highlights of British summer sports. In the past it has attracted protesters.

Two years ago, police arrested four people at the British Grand Prix after protesters displayed the banner of the climate change group Extinction Rebellion.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the race was closed to the spectators.

In 2003, the British Grand Prix was F1's most bizarre and infamous protest scene when a quilted man waving a banner and rushed to the truck. "Read the Bible. The Bible is always correct." It causes a speed-violating car to swirl around him.

The man was wrestled on the ground by a marshal before he was arrested. (Report by Steve Keating at Silverstone, edited by Ed Osmond)