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Pakistan's Air Transport Assistance Participates in Afghanistan's Earthquake Relief Operations

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Munir Ahmed

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A Pakistani military freighter carrying relief supplies for people affected by the Afghanistan earthquake arrives at Khost Airport on Saturday. Officials said they had landed. Tent, food and medicine rolled into the mountainous area.

Thousands of people were lost or injured in this week's major earthquake in eastern Afghanistan. According to state media, 1,150 people have died. Five more lives were lost in the aftermath of Friday.

There are 121 children killed in the magnitude 6 earthquake on Wednesday, and the number is expected to increase, a representative of the United Nations Children's Department in Afghanistan said. He said nearly 70 children were injured.

Mansour Ahmad Khan, Pakistan's ambassador in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, said relief supplies from Pakistan had been handed over to Tullivan authorities on Saturday.

Previously, the Pakistani government and Pakistani philanthropic groups sent 13 trucks to Afghanistan carrying food, tents, life-saving medicine and other necessities.

A team of 19 members from a neighboring country, consisting of doctors and emergency personnel, assists the host government, run by Tullivan in Afghanistan, to provide treatment to those injured in the Wednesday earthquake. doing.

The earthquake struck a secluded, terribly poor area of ​​small towns and villages surrounded by rugged mountains near the Pakistani border, ruining stone and muddy brick houses and, in some cases, families. Killed everyone. Nearly 3,000 homes were destroyed or severely damaged in Pactica and Host State, according to state media.

Officials said Pakistan had opened a northwest border to transport seriously injured Afghanistan to a Pakistani hospital. However, it was unclear how many Afghan people arrived for treatment northwest of Pakistan from the area affected by the earthquake.

Excessive aid agencies said they emphasized the need for the international community to reconsider Afghanistan's financial cuts since the Tullivan rebels seized Afghanistan 10 months ago. Its policy of suspending billions of development aids and freezing critical reserves has helped drive the economy into collapse and bring Afghanistan closer to humanitarian crisis and hunger. Efforts to help victims are slowed by both geographical conditions and the devastated conditions of Afghanistan.

The rutted road through the already slow-moving mountains was aggravated by the damage and rain from the earthquake. Lucien Christen, an ICRC spokesman for Afghanistan, said the International Red Cross has five hospitals in the area, but road damage made it difficult for people in the affected areas to reach them. I am saying.

Also on Saturday, an Afghanistan army chopper carried food and other necessities to the people of the Gayan district of Pactica. Dozens of men and children gathered in an open area under the hot sun, waiting for food, water and tents from the Red Moon Company in Afghanistan.

Aid organizations have announced that they will distribute relief supplies to about 1,000 households in the district, including food, tents and clothing.


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