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Palestinians hand over bullets that killed journalists to the United States to investigate

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RAMALLAH — Palestinian Authority Palestinian officials said Saturday that the government handed the bullets that killed the prominent Palestinian-American Al-Jazira journalist Sirene Abu Acre to US authorities for forensic examination.

Abu Acre was killed on May 11 while reporting an Israeli attack on the Palestinian city of Genin on the west bank of the occupied Jordan River. Her death caused Palestinian anger and international criticism.

"Palestinian officials have agreed to allow the U.S. to carry out ballistic work on bullets. Palestinian Authority Prosecutor General Akram Al-Hatib said in Palestine. Said in a statement released by the official news agency WAFA.

There was no immediate comment from the U.S. diplomatic authorities in Jerusalem.

Israeli Army, The Prime Minister's Office, the Palestinian Authority, did not immediately comment when asked if Israel would cooperate with the US investigation and, if so, how.

Benny Ganz In May, the Defense Minister said Israel was "ready to carry out an investigation in collaboration with international stakeholders."

After an independent investigation, the Palestinian Authority stated that Abu Acre was shot by Israeli soldiers in an "intentional murder."

Israel has denied the accusation and states that it is continuing its own investigation.

But she accidentally shot by an Israeli soldier or a Palestinian militant during a fire exchange, without examining the bullet to see if it matched the Israeli army rifle. He says he can't tell if he's done.

US President Joe Biden is expected to meet separately with Palestinian and Israeli leaders during his visit to the region on July 13-16.

Video footage showed that when 51-year-old Abu Acre was shot, she wore a blue vest that was clearly marked "press." Her at least two colleagues with her said she was attacked by Israeli snipers even when she wasn't near the militants. (Additional report by Maayan Lubell in Jerusalem and Nidalal-MUghrabi in Gaza, written by Maayan Lubell, edited by Kevin Liffey)