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Petropel demands a state of emergency after a pipeline attack

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LIMA — State-owned Petropel urged the government to declare a state of emergency in its major oil pipeline late Friday after suffering a series of cuts in the country's Amazon region. attack. "

Petroperu confirmed the leak in a statement, adding that the spill was contained in the pipeline's containment channel but did not specify the size of the leak.

The company said maintenance personnel have confirmed the existence of 25 recent cuts in a pipeline in the northern Lorate region.

Emergency response plan As part of, Petropel stopped pumping in the pipeline "in the face of an environmental emergency."

The company did not identify potential individuals behind the attack, but requested law enforcement to increase security in order to bring the pipeline back into operation.

Since it went into operation 40 years ago, the 1,100 km (680 miles) pipeline that transports crude oil from the jungle to the Pacific coast has emerged from remote communities demanding greater social investment. Suffering from dozens of attacks.

Under President Pedro Castillo's left-wing government, which has won a promise to bring economic benefits to the poorest people in Peru, there is an increasing number of disputes over companies that use natural resources. (Report by Marco Aquino, Written by Kylie Madry, Edited by William Mallard)