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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denies putting pressure on the RCMP investigation and is still confident in his luck

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is "extremely" confident in RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki, and his government "excessively influences and pressures" national police investigations. He states that he is denying that. 2020 Nova Scotia mass shootings.

"We did not exert undue influence or pressure. It is very important to emphasize that it is only the police who decide what and when to publish the information, only the RCMP. It's important, "Trudeau said. "I'm still very ... confident in Commissioner Lucki."

On Tuesday, the worst shootings in Canada's history were used by the federal government to push for a new gun ban. The government and commissioner Lucki have been scrutinized for their involvement in the case after the allegations were filed.

Prime Minister Mounty Lucki was disappointed with the Nova Scotia press conference at a meeting 10 days after the murder assault that killed 22 people, according to a document released as part of the Mass Casualty Commission. Is said to have expressed. She wanted them to disclose specific information about the firearms used by the perpetrators.

In a handwritten note, Nova Scotia RCMP director Darren Campbell promised Lucky that the RCMP would release this information to the then Minister of Public Security Bill Blair and the Prime Minister's Office, which is pending. It is written that it showed that it was said. A gun control law aimed at making police officers and the general public safer.

At the time, Nova Scotia RCMP was under close scrutiny of the handling of the case from the beginning, but disclosure of additional information would jeopardize ongoing investigations into the perpetrator's access to firearms. Said.

A few days later, the Prime Minister announced a ban on 1,500 assault-style weapons, including those used in Nova Scotia's shootings. Moving gun control forward was an existing liberal commitment dating back to the 2019 election campaign. By echoing the denials from

Blair and Lucki, she regrets her approach to the meeting, but she never jeopardizes the RCMP investigation. I wrote in her statement. The government did not intervene, but they had questions.

"But when the worst shootings in Canadian history happened, we asked a lot of questions. Canadians asked a lot of questions, and I asked us. I don't know what I know, I've been regularly informed about what we've done, and despite the ongoing public investigation, those answers continue to come out. "

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, as the spring sits nearing the end, opposition parties continue to push parliamentary commission investigations to fully air the facts related to the matter.