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Popular Montreal restaurant owner charged with threatening

At an unusual moment in court, the judge reveals that he ate at Jardin Petros, owned by Ted Dranias, and resigns himself. I offered that.

Ted Dranias, pictured in September 2020, suffered "a burnout," his attorney told the court, and "said something over the phone that he never should have said."
Taken in September 2020, Ted Dranias said, "Burnout Syndrome. I was suffering from. His lawyer told the court, "I said something he should never have said on the phone." Photo: Dave Sidaway/Montreal Gazette

Everyone in Montreal is a restaurant owner, including a judge Seems to know Ted Dranias. He was granted conditional release on Thursday in a criminal case in the Montreal Courthouse.

Dranias, owner of several restaurants in Quebec, including Jardin Petros in Little Italy, was arrested Wednesday after being arrested on Wednesday for threatening a woman with whom he was involved. I was detained.

A few hours after his arrest, Frank Papas, an experienced defendant lawyer who was elected mayor of the town of Estérel in Laurencia in November, was in front of Judge Julie Reendow of the Quebec State Court. Represented Dranias.

Papas knew him and his family well, and because of an urgent request, he informed the judge that he was representing Dranias. He tried to release Dranias because his son would get married on Friday.

Reendow was unable to hear the case on Wednesday, but Papas succeeded in persuading Judge Manrio Del Negro of the Quebec State Court to hear the case on Thursday.

Papas again mentions the marriage, informs Del Negro that a woman allegedly threatened by Dranias was in court, and is ready to testify in support of his release. is made of.

The lawyer told the judge that 59-year-old Dranias was about to open a restaurant in the United States and recently experienced "burnout."

"He said on the phone that he should never say," Papas told the judge.

In an interview with Montreal Gazette in December, Dranias said he plans to open a Petros restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. last year.

"This is good. I have a lot of investment in this new location in Fort Lauderdale, so I have to be there on a regular basis," Dranias said. ..

In a previous interview in 2020, he said: "I started my first restaurant, Hot Dog Joint, when I was 19, but I haven't seen it. I've been back since. It's in my blood. See potential places. I'm all excited. "

Dranias also expressed concern about whether the COVID-19 restrictions would hurt his restaurants in Griffintown, Plateau, and Westmount.

Del Negro has agreed to continue the hearing. But before that, the judge said he wanted to remain transparent, revealing that he met Dranias at an event in the Greek community a month ago, and had eaten in Jardin Petros in the past. I made it.

"One of my Greek friends introduced me to this gentleman who owns the Petros restaurant, if I'm not wrong," said Delnergro. "I spoke to this gentleman during the evening, strictly on social grounds. I wanted people to know it in order to make things clear and transparent.

"If anyone in court finds a problem with what I have just disclosed, I will be disqualified immediately."

The prosecutor said as of Thursday. Said that the judge had no problem hearing the case as the crown no longer opposed the release of Dranias.

"Montreal is a very small community," Del Negro said. "There are 3 million people living in Montreal, but it's a very small world."

The judge could release Dranias after agreeing to comply with a set of conditions. I agreed to be there. He is not allowed to be within 300 meters of one of the allegedly threatened women. He is not allowed to communicate with women except for his son's wedding. And he is not allowed to mention women on social media.

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