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Queen of overshare, Chelsea Handler has a few things to say

Chelsea Handler brings vaccination and horny tour to Vancouver for two shows on August 12

Chelsea Handler: Vaccinated and Horny Tour

Date: August 12 PM 6pm and 9pm

Location: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 630 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Tickets: $66-220 ticketmaster .ca

Chelsea Handler is bringing the Vaccinated and Horny Tour to Vancouver and Calgary (August 13th) with two shows in each city. The 47-year-old comedian, author, former talk show host, current podcast host, and avid skier tells us about Whistler's chateau, her latest standup show, Oversharing.

Q: I recently purchased a house in Whistler. How much time do you spend there?

A: I spent a lot of time there in 2020, 2021, 2022. From December he started going there through April, instead of just a few weeks a year. It's like my home away from home. I have a great group of friends there. I shoot naked ski videos there.

Q: How did you meet Whistler? Were you there for an event or vacation?

A: Went there for his 38th birthday. I love skiing and had never been to Canada, so I said, 'Let's go to Whistler,' and brought a group of girls there. I had heard so many beautiful things about it. I've been going there for birthdays ever since I took my family there for Christmas. I have been thinking about buying land for several years. And as the election approached, I started to panic a little. If Trump was re-elected, I needed a place to hold my leg. Literally bought a FaceTime spot. I had a man walk me through the house.

Q: In your current show, one of her topics is living with your sister and her two adult children. When they moved in with you, did you think it would be the linchpin of the factory?

A: I didn't know until it happened. They came to stay with me for a few weeks, which turned into her 3 months. To understand my point, I had to put the old house on the market and actually sell it for them to leave.They got the message now. I've worked pretty hard all my life to keep that from happening. Then I got a new house with the same number of bedrooms, but I already converted them into rooms that weren't usable for sleeping.

A: Occasionally. I bring people We sometimes invite doctors and psychiatrists, as well as celebrity guests. If it is difficult, I will not give an opinion. But most of the time it just needs a tweak in the right direction. I'm a great big sister in that regard. I am not the older sister in my family, but I am the youngest. I'm the youngest, but I'm also the oldest. I also manage my family. I am bossy and decisive. I think a lot of people lack decisiveness. What I thought would be comforting is actually getting deep into life's issues as well, people calling for real advice and giving us updates. The impact we have had on people and their lives is amazing. it blows me away.

Q: Do you think people are happy with you because you share your mistakes and your desire to grow?

A: Yes. It was a really fun lesson for me. My oversharing, that's what I do. My first book was My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands. Then I recently shared at Chelsea.Then I got into political oversharing, fell in love and overshared, broke up and overshared. Now I feel my career is all about sharing where you are and being honest. and talked about how it healed. It feels like my purpose is to empower people.

Q: Have you ever been over-shared like that by someone in your family?

A: No, it's a natural gift I have all to myself.

Q: Has the quarantine changed your writing process?

A: I am currently working on a new book. It gave me a lot of material to work with, like dating during quarantine, taking a guy in my backyard, and taking a COVID test. Give them a nasal swab, then stick the cartridge in the kitchen to run the test and run the diagnostics. This will take about 30 minutes.It gave me time to interview them. So if they said something annoying or saw men's jewelry, I could tell them I had COVID and had to leave.

Q: Can he recommend 3 books?

A: Yes, let me think. They will all probably be self-help. I recently read Between Two Kingdoms by Suleikia Jaouad and it is a very important book. We're in the middle of Pema Chödrön's When Things Fall Apart. A friend brought it to me the other day and it was very helpful. I think my other favorite book is Circe by Madeline Miller. it's a beautiful book. It's not self-help, it's fiction and fantasy. I liked it I liked it