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Randall Denley: Ford, like everyone else, needs to reset priorities and manage expectations.

Naturally, Ford wants to expand its economy, but the real challenge is enough labor to keep it at its current pace. Is to find someone

No matter how many stones Ford turns over, he’s not going to find enough people to meet labour demand.
Ford flips over how many stones You can't even find enough people to meet your labor needs. Photo: Ernest Doroszuk / Postmedia

Political parties dominate, as Doug Ford's PC did on June 2nd. I think people loved you and congratulated the party's campaign platform.

Not according to the new Angus Reid Institute poll released Thursday. According to polls, the top three issues in Ontario are living costs, medical costs, and affordable housing. In either case, the majority of polls are pessimistic about the Ford government's ability to deal with these issues.

Not surprisingly, the PC did not spend much time on any of these subjects during the campaign. They had an affordable plan. The highlights were a refund of the license plate sticker that had already been paid and a 5.7 cents petrol tax cut that went into effect on July 1st and lasted for six months.

None of the civilian priorities can be addressed quickly or easily, but when Ontarions are facing a lot of anxiety, especially when they are facing inflation and long medical waits. , Ford needs to be visibly leading. Some answers seem to be justified when the President of the Ontario Medical Association is talking about a "broken system".

Instead, Ford created a new 30-member cabinet in June and appointed 41 parliamentary aides to help them. It leaves only 12 PCMPPs without additional payment and liability. Concerns about the cost of living at PC caucuses are certainly well taken care of.

First-time elected governments generally understand the importance of taking action. Not many re-elected governments. Ford announced on Thursday that Congress would return August 8. This is early by political standards, so there is a half mark there.

The budget reintroduced by the state government in August is primarily focused on the government's $ 158 billion, 10-year infrastructure planning and economic revitalization. When Ford announced a slightly redesigned cabinet last week, he said: It's all hands-on deck.

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    Ford defends his choice as a multicultural minister There are

Most people who want to work for "all hands-on decks" while Ford is calling already do so. increase. In Ontario, about 65% of the working-age population has or is willing to take on a job. This number has changed little over the years. Wages are rising, but it doesn't seem to help.

No matter how many stones Ford flips over, he can't find enough people to meet labor demand. It is despite his government's vigorous efforts to train more workers for skilled trade, long-term care and healthcare. It makes sense to attract people to the areas they need, but there are too few to meet the overall demand.

Ford's Let's Get Building message is at odds with the reality that Ontarions face every day. It seems that almost all types of businesses people deal with are complaining of staff shortages.

This suggests that some priorities will change, starting with the scope and timing of the government's infrastructure plan. The Ford government wants to hire an army of skilled merchants to build bridges, highways and light rails, but also expects a rapid increase in housing supplies. Which is more important.

Naturally, Ford wants to expand the economy, but the real challenge is to find enough workers to keep the economy at its current pace. The problem is very big. There are about 378,000 free jobs in Ontario, and that number is steadily increasing this year.

The government may need to lower expectations. For almost all goods and services, we already have the rest of us. A repairman is needed. Don't hurry. I want to order a sofa. Expect to wait a few months. Call the company's "Customer Service" line. Save time. Doctor appointment. please forget about it.

Labor shortages in almost every sector constrain both economic and government service capacity. Housing supply and health care should be at the top of Ford's list when setting priorities. Governments that collect sales tax of $ 32 billion and land transfer tax of $ 5 billion should be able to come up with meaningful and affordable support.

The revised August budget is an opportunity for Ford to better align government priorities with what people consider most important. He should take it.

Randall Denley is an Ottawa journalist, writer and former Ontario PC candidate. Contact him at

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