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Randy Hiller's daughter Chelsea Hiller ordered to pay $ 97,000 for defamation tweets

Chelsea Hillier, pictured here protesting an appearance by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the London area during the 2021 federal election campaign, has been ordered to pay nearly $100,000 for defaming a Carleton University instructor.
Chelsea Hillier, Photo Was ordered to pay about $ 100,000 to disgrace the instructor at Carlton University in protest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's appearance in the London area during the 2021 federal election campaign. Photo courtesy of Derek Ruttan/London Free Press

Chelsea Hillier has never seen a tweet price It is so high. ..

A series of malicious tweets in which the judge mistakenly accused a former Carlton University instructor of a former MP, the daughter of former MP Randy Hiller. Ordered to pay $ 97,000 for defamation in. A longtime educator as a sex predator who made students take medicine.

Judge Sally Gomery of the Ontario Superior Court has included $ 10,000 in punitive damages for using his Twitter account as a weapon.

"Hillier's apparent delight for the damage she did to her former friends is both sad and exorbitant. She puts her Twitter account in revengeful and retaliatory behaviour. Weaponed for. Repeatedly published photos of the post's wedding along with her false and arrogant remarks, used tags to spread her remarks as widely as possible, and confidence from previous friends. I'm particularly worried about using the personal information I got with my account, "Gomery ruled.

A post that has taught courses in the English Department for 18 years, according to her affidavit filed in her defamation proceedings, her malicious tweet is her. Said he was humiliated, shocked and left hurt.

Hillier met the post when she took her undergraduate English course in 2008. They became very close friends and Hillier attended the post wedding reception in 2014.

But their friendship began to collapse in 2020 over political differences. Things got worse in November after Carlton's instructor tweeted a thread criticizing the hospital's anti-vaccine movement and other tactics approved by Hillier and her polarized father.

A storm of Hillier's tweets portrays the instructor as a predator, gas lamp, and abuser, as the judge called it a malicious campaign to bully and silence the post. Did.

"Can't stand the heat? Take it out. Do you want to f with my family? Hillier tweeted on November 11th.

Against Hillier's tweet Some of the answers rocked the post. A 12-year-old student.

The post also asked for an apology, but the judge said, "Hillier was falsely regretted about the harm she had done. There was no point in forcing her to post a statement expressing dishonest approval, as doing so could incite her followers to be more aggressively thrown in the post. It can be more harmful than good. "

" As the whole episode shows, Post should expect to get a reasonable or compassionate response from Twitterverse. Not. Her proof is this ruling and withdrawal, "the judge ruled.

Hillier refused to post her withdrawal or apology. The judge said she has doubled to post a disparaging statement about the post instead since Hillier received her defamation notice.

Hillier did not defend himself in her proceeding, and the judge issued a default order. It's also unclear if the

Post will collect $ 97,000.

"Based on Hillier's repeated claims on social media, her post may not be able to recover some or all of her inflicted damages that she has no funds." Said the judge. The decision was announced on June 24th.

Hillier failed to win the Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston seat that her father previously held in her last month's state elections.

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