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The RCMP has withheld the controversial notes of the senior mounty on the commissioner for several months, the study said.

When the Federal Justice Department first sent to a public investigation investigating the mass shootings of Novascosia, four important pages of Mounty's advanced note were missing. I did. The

important section contains the allegations of , and the head of the RCMP has announced that the military will release information about the guns used during the April 2020 rampage. I promised a politician.

The Mass Victims Commission stated that the federal government had sent a 132-page Supt. Darren Campbell's handwritten memo was created in mid-February 2022, but the file did not mention the meeting with Commissioner Brenda Lucki on April 28, 2020.

Three weeks ago, the inquiry received the second file of Campbell's memo. Same period. The package contained a page where Campbell wrote about a meeting call with Lucky with other senior officers of Novascosia. A week after ashooter disguised as a

mount killed 22 people, including a pregnant woman,, injured others, and destroyed some homes in a fire. It happened in the remainder.

22 people died on April 18th and 19th, 2020. From top left: Gina Goulet, Dawn Gulenchyn, Jolene Oliver, Frank Gulenchyn, Sean McLeod, Alanna Jenkins. Second row: John Saar, Lisa McCulley, Joey Webber, Heidi Stephenson, Heather O'Brien, Jamie Blair. Line 3 from top: Kristen Beaton, Lillian Campbell, Joan Thomas, Peter Bond, Tom Bagley, Greg Blair. Bottom: Emily Tuck, Joybond, Collie Ellison, Aaron Tuck. (CBC)

On a previously unpublished page, Campbell was local because Lucky didn't disclose information about the make and model of the gun used in the attack. He wrote that he was dissatisfied with the commander. He felt he was at risk of endangering an investigation into how the shooter obtained the weapon.

CBC News asked RCMP why they disclosed two sets of notes. The story is updated when you receive the response.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki said Mountie's attempt to direct the publicly available intelligence investigators to the masses in 2020 as part of the investigation. I denied the claim. Taken in Nova Scocia. (Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press)

May 4, 2020, Prime Minister Justinto Ludo bans about 1,500 manufacturers and models Announced gun, including two guns used in Novascosia's mass shooting. At that time, police had not released the specific manufacturer and model used in the attack.

Campbell's claim The claim that Lucki made a commitment to Trudeau and then-Public Security Minister Bill Blairprior to the new gun control law was made this week in Ottawa. The opposition lawmakers who ignited a political fire in Japan are demanding an investigation into the possibility of political interference.

Both Blair and Trudeau denied doing so, stating that RCMP would make its own decision on the disclosure of information.

Lucky also denied interfering with the police investigation, butargued that he wanted to release more information prior to the liberal plan. Did not address the introduction of a new gun regulation law in May 2020.

Campbell and Lucki will be called witnesses in a survey at the end of next month. They were also summoned to appear before a parliamentary hearing in Otawa at the end of July to address allegations of potential political interference.

In a statement to CBC News, Commission Investigator Barbara McLean asked the Ministry of Justice to explain why the Commission was missing four pages from the original disclosure. He said he was.

She added that if the Commission was unaware that it was happening, she "requested further material withheld."

"The Commission is seeking assurance that nothing else has been hindered, following the instructions from Subpoena," McLean said.

Files subpoenaed last June

The Commission, through the subpoena on June 15, 2021, of all RCMPs related to the investigation into the April 2020 slaughter. He said he requested the investigation file first.

In response, thousands of pages of documents and files arrived "rolling-based" and staff "regularly follow up on items that have not yet been received."

"These documents are often provided in different ways and require extensive review by the committee team," McLean said, and staff members "gap and additional information." We are carefully reviewing everything for any. " "

Conservatives continue Liberal

Conservative MP Stephen Ellis urgently prepares for allegations sought by the liberal government Ask Minister Bill Blair Details of the shooter's weapons. Information can be used as part of a tougher gun law bid.

CBC News is a federal and state joint I found a discrepancy because the survey was first posted On page 132 of Campbell's memoon the website last week, the file contains a lucky meeting. No mention was made.

However, the CommissionThe document released on Tuesday was how RCMP communicated with the general public in the months following the shooting.A 136-page file containing Campbell's additional notes — — including its April meeting 196} — was previously shared with journalists under bans.

Inquiries usually post source documentation within 48 hours of the release of the report, but as of Thursday night, the long version was not yet available on the Commission's website.

Campbell has not been interviewed

The Mass Injury Commission has not told Campbell directly about his claim.

Tactical teams and major crimes As an officer in charge of support services overseeing units, including units, Campbell was the main spokesperson for Novascosia RCMP at three press conferences in late April and June 2020. Family.

Campbell said in a statement to CBC News Thursday, "I've been waiting for an interview from the Mass Injury Commission for a while," and said it's coming soon. He also said he was looking forward to witnessing.

A few months ago, the commissioner, who oversees the joint federal and state investigation, said he would ask Campbell to testify with former Ast. Later, Commissioner Liebergerman and Chief Sapt resigned from the role of commander of Novascosia RCMP. Chris Leather, who took the second command in April 2020.

"Monumental work" to put together a document

The disagreement in the memo of Rob Pineo Campbell, a lawyer representing a family of 14 people killed in a mass shooting, "this investigation Given how the information was developed during the process, I'm definitely worried, but certainly not surprising. "

Mass casualties committees usually share their documents with participants, including lawyers representing their families, before disclosing information to the public. However, Pineo said some witnesses who testified before the committee shared their background interviews and related records.

He made this unrealistic when two levels of government set up a committee in the fall of 2020 and set a deadline for final reporting of the investigation in November of this year. I think it is due to the timeline.

Rob Pineo is a Patterson law lawyer, a family of 14 people killed in mass shooting, and it. (CBC)

"The goalpost time frame set for this study has enough time for information and evidence to be properly scrutinized and disclosed. I feel I didn't, "he said.

Examining thousands of pages of records was a "monumental task" even for the large teams associated with his company, Pineo said.

"In a normal court environment, it will take months, sometimes years, to digest evidence and work on legal theory. There are usually days or weeks of problems here. "He said.

The Commission stated in its interim reportthat by late March, RCMP would include much for both documents and witnesses. He said he issued 70 subpoenas.

See | June 2020, Supt. Darren Campbell shared details about what the investigators learned about Gunman's motives and ideas: 

RCMP provides new information on Novascosia shooter motives, ideas and reasons for clearing assets

RCMP Supt. Darren Campbell will receive up-to-date information on Novascosia's mass shooting investigations through his role as Support Services Officer.

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