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Regina celebrates Canada Day at Waskana Park

The celebration of Canada Dayreturned to Regina this year after a three-year hiatus by COVID-19.

It was a Canadian day full of fun, food, performance and love for the country. Hundreds of people lined up by the legislative building in Waskana Park on Friday to attend the festival.

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One of the participants The man was Daniel Schmid, who says he was having an incredible amount of time.

"I hang out, sunbathe and enjoy festivals. This is a great celebration," Schmidt said.

Due to the delay in the public celebration, this year's turmoil has made further efforts. Carrie Hackel, director of marketing and communications for Regina's Canada Day Commission, said there were hurdles to achieving this year's celebration.

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"Unfortunately, I've lost more than half of the committee in the last few years, so this year I had to take extra obligations to put everything together," Hackel said. "I am very happy to have a really enjoyable day with my family."

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That happiness is Echoed by Schmidt.

"It was crazy, but the nice thing about going out for Canada Day right now is that everyone just enjoys and celebrates Canada Day and it's open to the public. It feels great ... it's like new. It feels like an experience. Schmidt said.

The day was full of fun for the whole family. Participants were exposed to performances ranging from concerts to dance performances to magic shows.

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Street was lined with many vendors and food trucks with a variety of options such as barbecue, hot dogs, ice cream and slashes


But for some, Canada Day was more important than just participating in fun activities. On a day set aside for patriotism, the history of Canada's indigenous people. It is important to remember the reconciliation efforts being made with.

Evan Whitestar, an indigenous advocate of Mother Teresa Junior High School, along with other indigenous students of the school that day. We were invited to Waskana Park to perform First Nation's drums and dance as part of our celebration.

"We celebrate Canada Day, not Canada Day. We chose to do that, but we chose to recognize the resilience of First Nation as a community, "Whitestar said. "We found our education along with our culture and identity through the corridors, and we choose to embody what we want to be."

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