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Rex Murphy: Canada has been blessed. Thank you for taking the time

We Canadians stop looking back on what we have never experienced and what we have escaped compared to underprivileged countries. Should be

Despite everything we see as messy or wrong, the vast majority of Canadians believe in their country, writes Rex Murphy.
To everything we consider messy or wrong Nevertheless, Rex Murphy writes that the majority of Canadians believe in their country. Photo: Cole Burston / Getty Images

Canada Day and Memorial Day.

These are the central holidays of our civic calendar. They are intimately intertwined. (July 1 is not as emphasized as Newfoundland, which is also the deep "memorial" day of the Newfoundland regiment's horrific defeat at the Battle of the Somme.)

The day of memory is the most solemn. ..

Canada Day, as it should be, is a day of gratitude and celebration.

The first significant anniversary serves to honor those who served in the war of the last century.

Canada Day of Second Delight helps to get stocks to remind us how lucky we are.

Canada Day helps to acquire shares

July 1st and November 11th are combined — this way , In honor — each signal or complete each other. We thank the former for living in Canada. The sacrifice remembered in the latter left us.

And we appreciate that gratitude.

For so many countries over the past century, history has been a terrible book of Orwell, a huge and cruel fist. This is a record of obedience or tyranny, civil war, and vicious civil war, and Rwanda and Cambodia provide the most recent horrific cases. In other countries, citizens have been under constant threat for decades, exacerbated by their governments. At the end of a really terrible scale is North Korea, and even today there is a prison in one country. You cry when you read a handful of memoirs that escaped from the barracks.

Those who have endured or continue to endure rule under communism, and thus unaware of their freedom, may be in those countries, especially in ours, for all generations. I'm looking at it with a longing for exhaustion. That democracy, however, imperfectly positioned freedom and the individual as the protagonists of government.

And it turns out that the nations that emerged from communism cannot easily or quickly remove the genetic chain of cruelty and desire. Vladimirputin's sneaky invasion of Ukraine will stand as a reminder of its true present.

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You don't have to continue this rigorous catalog. The rest is too well known.

So we Canadians are aware of what we have experienced, what we have experienced, what we have not tolerated, and what we have escaped at the moment of the pause. Should be in the center. And thank you and thank you for the exception.

The same emotion has other motives. Canada is prosperous, stable in depth, lucky in its neighbors, and largely exempt from the world's great misery, true poverty and true violence. You may not want to say it aloud, but we are blessed. This also needs some time to mark.

Canada Day and Remembrance Day are moments of pause. They, or certainly were intended to be — there was more than a sense of deviation from their original purpose — evaluated ourselves and our country and of our common company. A special time to pay attention to sacrifices and outcomes How deeply intertwined they are, how to make sacrifices (sometimes as terrible as war, as in the early days of creating this country) Patient patience and personal industry) made it possible to achieve. And how achievement has built a spirit that undertakes and enables those sacrifices. At a calmer level than

, we are looking at ourselves as we are today. In everyday life in Canada.

We Canadians should ... thank you

All incompetence, all, despite everything we consider to be annoying or wrong Annoying, the majority of Canadians like their country believe in their country, and sad only when it is the "leader" who makes them ashamed of their mediocrity.

We almost always have exceptions, but we are reassured by each other. Jump into some states that aren't your own and see how great the welcome is. Most people are very welcome — it's also clever. It doesn't flock to the hospitality, but it slips gently into it.

The touch of silence in the Canadian temperament is wonderful. (Our neighbors prefer a lively mode, but each one is their own.) It's a signal of consideration for the sensibilities of the other peers. Part of "good things". It's fun.

Don't think good or fun words are small words. In order for these qualities to come close to being seen (or even lightly joking) as a characteristic of a country, the country needs to grow significantly and evolve into some rare states with great effort. When you think about it, there are things that are worse than good.

It's great to see me writing on the eve of Canada Day — a complete and healthy celebration of our kind providence on July 1st, we share Refreshing gratitude to the country you are in. A deeper update of appreciation for the ultimate contributions of past soldier generations, as seen on November 11.

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