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Rights group: Palestinians torture detainees with impunity

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TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Westbank and Gazastrip Palestinian authorities systematically torture critics in custody, a practice that may correspond to crimes against humankind. , The International Rights Group said on Friday.

Human Rights Watch urged donor countries to stop funding Palestinian security forces who committed such crimes and requested an investigation by the International Criminal Court.

The report states that Palestinian security forces "used lonely confinement and beatings, including beating their feet, and raised their arms behind their backs with cables and ropes, including detainees. Is forced into a position of painful stress for a long period of time and punished. " Intimidate critics and opponents and elicit confession.

HRW's report was a year after the death of Nizar Banat, a candid critic of the Palestinian authorities, whose family was told by security forces at midnight. He states that he died after attacking his residence. I hit him with a metal baton. His death triggered weeks of protest against PA, which governs part of the west bank occupied by Israel. Palestinian security forces have severely dispersed some of these protests.

Amnesty International said last week that Palestinian authorities did not hold security forces responsible for their death. Palestinian authorities arrested 14 officers last summer and brought them to trial in a military court, but have not taken any action against the Supreme Commander.

"More than a year after beating Nizar Banat, Palestinian authorities continue to arrest and torture critics and opponents," said Human Rights Watch Israel and Palestine. Said Omar Shakir, the director of.

"Systematic abuse by PA and Hamas forms an important part of Palestinian oppression."

The group is Banat's death. Listed Palestinians who said they were arbitrarily arrested in the aftermath of.

HRW has not been detained by security forces to explain the alleged torture, and given their systematic nature over the years, that practice could be a crime against humankind. Said there is.

Palestine is part of a treaty against torture and members need to work to prevent torture.

The report also states that despite hundreds of complaints over the last two decades, no charges have been filed against Israeli security forces, and Palestinian detention on the West Bank. It describes Israeli abuse and torture of people.