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The overthrow of Roe v. Wade sheds light on Gerry Mandaring, which is common in the U.S. Parliament.

In overturning half a century of national legal protection against abortion, theUSSupreme Court erroneously ruledRoe v. Wade case. I have ruled that it was. In the state, it is time to "return the abortion issue to the elected representatives of the people."

Whether these elected civil servants really represent the public, thanks to another High Court ruling that allowed the legislature's control to be biased to the right or left. It's controversial.

In June 2019, three years before a serious abortion ruling, the Supreme Court ruled thatRepublicansorDemocratsmanipulated constituency boundaries. , Gives the candidate an edge.

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As a result, many legislatures are significantly more partisan than the population of the entire state. Gerrymandering thrived again as politicians used 2020 census data to redraw districts that could benefit the party in both this year's elections and the next decade.

In some swing states with Republican-led legislatures, such as Michigan and Wisconsin, "probably the main reason why gerrymandering is likely to be illegal," said George Washington University. Political Scientist Chris Warshaw said. A person who analyzes subdivision data.

Meanwhile, "in the states where Democrats gerrymandered, it would probably help make abortion laws more liberal than people would like," he added.

According to polls, the majority of Americans generally support access to abortion, but many say there should be some restrictions. The

state may be considered a democracy institute. This is the institution most closely associated with people whose public policy is being tested, established and potentially widespread.

Roe v. Wade has been overturned: Byden says he doesn't have enough votes to change the abortion agenda

A 24 abortion decision, written for a majority of the Supreme Court in June, Judge Samuel Alito said in 30 states when the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision "shortened the democratic process." Said that he banned abortion, abused legislators, and imposed the right to abortion nationwide.

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"Our decision returns the abortion issue to those legislative bodies, influenced by women on both sides of the abortion issue. The legislative process by influencing public opinion, lobbying legislators, voting, and aborting, "written Arito.

Abortion is already a problem in Wisconsin's governor and legislative elections. Recent Wisconsin polls have shown that in almost or all cases, the majority support legal abortion. However, there is a dispute over the state law of 1849, which could not be enforced until the Roe v. Wade case was dismissed, banning abortion except to save the lives of women.

Democratic Governor Tony Evers supports a court opposition to overturn the law, which was enacted just a year after Wisconsin took office. He also convened a special legislative session in June to abolish it. But the Republican-led parliament and the Senate postponed in just a few seconds without taking action.

The Wisconsin legislature has been one of the Republican's strongest advantages in the last decade and is expected to continue under the new district set up for the 2022 elections. I am. Election data to assess the partisan inclination of the legislative district.

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"These maps distort democracy in Wisconsin," said a minority in Congress. Leader Greta Neubauer said:

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In 2018, the Democratic Party will be a major state-wide major, including the governor and chief of the prosecutor, in a race without gerrymandering. I won a new position. However, since the Republicans gained control of the Legislature in the 2010 midterm elections, they have been unable to overcome the gerrymander-rich legislature. The situation, "she said. "We will now overturn this abortion ban."

Republican state legislator. Former heart nurse Donna Rosal, who supports abortion restrictions, said gerrymandering should not stop political parties from running for strong candidates to represent their district. She hopes that a strong abortion debate during the campaign will be brought to the legislative meeting in 2023.

"This is a very important issue for returning to the state, because each state can choose people who represent their values," Rosa said.

Two years after the election of former President Barack Obama, the 2010 midterm elections were the cornerstone of managing state capitols across the country. Upon entering the election, the Democrats had full control of 27 legislatures and 14 Republicans, with the rest split. However, if the Republican victory is swept, the Republican Party will be responsible for the constituency change in many states. By 2015, after two elections under the new map, the Republicans had full control of 30 legislatures and Democrats with only 11. , Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc.

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In New Mexico, Democratic-led parliament claims to be beyond the will of many voters on abortion policy Is a Republican. According to PlanScore data, the New Mexico House and Senate districts had a considerable democratic advantage over the last decade, but even more after the district was redrawn based on the 2020 census. It became noticeable.

Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a law last year to abolish the 1969 dormant law that banned most abortions. After the Roe v. Wade case was rejected, she signed a presidential order to make New Mexico a safe port for those seeking abortion. Unlike most states, New Mexico has no restrictions on abortion.

"At this point, I don't think the majority of New Mexico people support the abortion policy of New Mexico," said Republican Senator Gaykernan. "New Mexico is basically the capital of the late abortion of the United States."

The Law vs. Wade case was overturned: Supreme Court justice has more rights

Republican Governor Candidate, Mark Roncetti, Rape, Abortion, and Women's Life At Risk Proposed to ban abortion after 15 weeks of gestation, with the exception of. However, the legislation is described by Whip Linda Lopez of the Democratic State Senate as dead on arrival.

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Michigan offers one of the largest government tests to represent the country's new abortion battle can do.

The Republicans created a Michigan constituency after the 2010 census, so big that they could have helped the Republicans maintain tightly divided House control. Brought benefits. Like Wisconsin, Michigan Democrats won the Governor's election and all other state-wide key positions in 2018, but failed to overcome the Republican-focused legislative district.

Dynamics has changed in this year's elections. According to PlanScore data, Republican dominance has been cut in half under a new legislative district created by a voter-approved citizen's constituency change committee. This could increase the likelihood that the Democratic Party will win an abortion and influence abortion policy.

Republican Governor Challengers in Michigan generally uphold 1931 state legislation prohibiting abortion unless women's health is compromised. Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, running for reelection, wants to abolish the law.

Republican Rep. Steve Carra said lawmakers are considering replacing it with "a forceful one in the 21st century."

"Saving lives is more important than women's right to choose to take their lives," said a coalition of 321 members from 35 states calling on the Supreme Court to return the abortion policy. Said Carra, who leads. To the state.

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Because of uncertainties about the legislative outlook, abortion advocates create a state constitutional right to abortion11 Collecting signatures of the Monthly Voting Initiative. The regulation only applies "after the survival of the fetus".

"This is the best shot to secure access to abortion," said Democratic Rep. Laurie Poftsky. "Once this is in the hands of voters, they will want to see this voting bill succeed."

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