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Analysts are suspending Russian troops in Ukraine to reorganize for a new attack

According to foreign analysts,Russiamay have temporarily mitigated the attack onUkraine. This is because the Russian army is trying to reorganize its army for a new attack.

On Wednesday, Russian troops did not claim or evaluate the acquisition of territory in Ukraine "for the first time in 133 days of war," according to the War Institute. Washington-based think tanks have suggested that Moscow may have taken an "operational suspension," but that is not accompanied by a "total suspension of active hostilities."

"Russian troops set conditions for more important offensive operations and attempted to rebuild the fighting power needed to attempt more ambitious projects, so relatively small-scale offensive actions It is likely to stay at the institute, "said the institute.

Thursday's statement from the Russian Defense Ministry seems to have confirmed the assessment. Russian military forces involved in the fighting in Ukraine said they were given time to rest.

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"Units that perform combat missions during special military operations take steps to restore their combat capabilities. We are taking it. Military personnel will be given the opportunity to rest and receive letters and parcels from their homes, "read a statement quoted by the Russian state press, Tas.

The shootings continued in eastern Ukraine, killing at least nine civilians and injuring six in 24 hours, Ukrainian officials said.

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Ukrainian Presidential Office Thursday morning update said cities and villages in seven regions of Ukrainian had been shot in the past day. Most civilian deaths occurred in Donetsk, where the fighting was underway. According to the presidential office, seven civilians, including children, were killed there.

In Donetsk,10 cities and villages were bombed, and 35 buildings, including schools, vocational colleges, and hospitals, were destroyed, officials said.

Donetsk is part of Donbus, an industrial area that speaks almost Russian and is home to the most experienced soldiers in Ukraine. Pro-Russian separatists have fought the Ukrainian army for eight years and ruled most of Donbus. Russian President Vladimir Putin granted the independence of the two self-proclaimed republics shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Putin claimed victory in Luhansk, another state of Donbus, on Monday after the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops. The last city they ruled there. Luhansk Governor Serhii Haidai denied on Wednesday that the Russians had completely occupied the state.

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In Kalkihu, Ukraine's second largest city, a boarding school was attacked, but no one was injured. did. The Kalkifu region along the Russian border has been bombarded daily, killing two civilians in the last 24 hours.

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Ukrainian troops said Thursday that Russian troops also fired and helicopter attacks in the northeastern Smy region.

Despite the ongoing fighting, the British Department of Defense said it believes Russian troops are "reconstructing" their troops. A provincial intelligence assessment issued Thursday said the violent shootings along the front lines of Donetsk were likely intended to secure the interests of former Russia.

Russia has been accused of civil bombing campaigns and escalating attacks in Ukraine

Further hostilities have been reported in the Black Sea, Ukraine The military said on Thursday: The Ukrainian flag was planted on the strategic island where Russian troops withdrew last month.

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Ukrainian Operations Command said in a statement that Ukrainian troops are essential to guarantee Sealane. From the main port of Odesa, which said it had cleared Snake Island, an outpost base off the southwest coast. Command also said the Ukrainian army had destroyed about 30 Russian military equipment and explained the discovery of "abandoned ammunition and vast ruins."

Russian troops withdrew from the island on June 30th, what the Russian Defense Ministry called a "goodwill gesture." However, the ministry said Thursday that Russian Aeronautics and Space Force aircraft launched a missile attack on the island when Ukrainian troops tried to raise the flag.

"As a result, some Ukrainian soldiers were destroyed and the rest fled," the ministry said.

Ukraine also said Russia had launched two missiles at the oil tanker with the Moldova flag in the Black Sea and set it on fire.

Military command in southern Ukraine said the strike struck the Millennial Spirit, which carries more than 500 tons of diesel fuel. Ukraine says one missile collided with a ship and the other missile became larger. Social media images showed smoke rising off Odesa on Thursday morning.

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The ship had no crew and had been floating in the sea since the beginning of the war in February. Russia did not immediately admit the attack on the ship. The ship's tracking device has been down since it was abandoned by the crew.

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained in Kib Thursday that a Russian ship had stolen Ukrainian grain. He said he had summoned the Turkish ambassador.

Russian ship Zhibek Zholy was allowed to leave Turkey's Black Sea coast after temporary detention by Turkish authorities at the request of Ukraine. Ukraine summoned an ambassador and complained about the "unacceptable situation."

Turkey, with the Bosphorus Strait, is the main transit route for shipping from the Black Sea. Ukraine is trying to put pressure on Ankara to stop shipping grain, an important source of income, to Russia.

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