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Scottish Maru pardons thousands convicted of magic

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

London (AP) — On Thursday, Scottish writers began bidding to pardon thousands of people, primarily women, who were convicted of magic centuries ago.

Scottish National Party Natalie Don has begun discussions on a bill to "correct the historical error of the conviction of witchcraft." She wants to send a message to other countries where the move is still criminalizing those accused of witchcraft, "Scotland admits what happened to these people as a sad false charge." Said.

Don's proposed member bill was convicted by Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on International Women's Day in March under the Witchcraft Act of 1563. It follows a formal apology to those who have been accused or executed.

Until 1736, an estimated 4,000 Scottish people were accused of magic under the law.

Of the 4,000, about 2,500 were executed, and Scotland killed five times more than anyone else accused of being a witch. In Europe, according to the Scottish Witch, a campaign group working with authorities to bring posthumous justice to the accused.

In his speech, the sturgeon said the victim was "accused and killed simply because he was poor, different, vulnerable, or often female." Injustice was "at least partially caused by misogyny."

Don said her move wasn't just about the past, but wanted to deal with "gender and patriarchal attitudes" and discrimination in modern Scotland.

"My view is that in order to build a fairer, more equal and positive Scotland, we must deal with the historical injustices of the past," Don said. rice field.