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Sharks attack Long Island lifeguards during training

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Fire Island, NY (AP) — Suffolk County officials closed the beaches of Long Island for swimming on Sunday after describing it as an unprecedented shark attack that injured lifeguards.

Lifeguards said Suffolk county executive Steve Bellone was a victim during training when Suffolk bit him with his chest and hands at an afternoon press conference. rice field.

The attack occurred at Smith Point Beach around 10:15 am. The lifeguard received the seam and was "very fine," Belone said.

"If you encounter a shark, this is probably the best scenario you can have," says Belone, and lifeguards receive immediate treatment from other officials already in training. I added that I received it. "I have never had such an incident. I hope it will never happen again."

Belone said that an additional shark was witnessed after the attack, but whether it was the same shark. Was not clear.

The beach was unable to swim for the rest of the day, but is scheduled to reopen on Monday and authorities are monitoring shark water.