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Smoke plays an important role as N.L. Forest fires continue to spread, officials say

The Despoires Bay highway was still open as of Wednesday morning after a five-day closure, but transport ministry officials said they would reassess the condition of the road in the morning. I'm here.

On Sunday 7 August 2022, government circulated photos show Smoke from forest fires. Smoke continues to play an important role in the spread of two large fires. (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador/Canadian Press)

Paradise Lake fires tearing through parts of central Newfoundland to be extinguished Wednesday Expanded to additional 6,800 hectares.

State Wildfire Watch Officer Jeff Motti told CBC News on Wednesday that the fires now cover 17,233 hectares (about 172 square kilometers). This number has risen dramatically since Tuesday's update of his 10,337 hectares.

Nearly 20mm of rain fell in the area on Tuesday, but smoke continues to be a significant factor in the spread of fires, Motti said.

"He smoked a lot," Motti told CBC News. "In the early days of the incident, we had to use the water bombers as effectively as possible because they were causing so much trouble."

Workers continued to work at the site Wednesday. The fire is still considered out of control.

A man sits in front of forest fire maps in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Jeff Motti is a forest firefighter in Newfoundland and Labrador. He says the crew will assess whether the Despoir highway in the bay can remain open Wednesday morning. (CBC) Another large fire burning near the

Bay des Poire highway also spread to 5,769 hectares in size, Added 42 hectares since Tuesday's update.

The Gulf des Poire highway was still open as of Wednesday morning after a five-day closure, but Transport Department officials said Tuesday they will reassess the condition of the road Wednesday morning.

Motty said the crew was looking for low wind speeds to take into account the decision that wind speeds are expected to be around 20 km/h.

"Yesterday's rain certainly helped us, but we still have a lot of work to do," he added.

"Today we need to do another assessment to see if it is safe to continue opening. 43} Smoke is expected to enter the village on Thursday

Meanwhile, Mayor of Grand Falls Windsor advised residents to prepare for large amounts of smoke in the village in the next few days as winds begin to turn. I am asking for

Mayor Barry Manuel said in a news release on Tuesday that the town expects smoky conditions in the community on Thursday when winds are expected to shift south.

Much of central and western Newfoundland, including Buchans, Green Bay and White Bay, continues to have special air quality statements in place.

Barry Manuel is the mayor of Grand Falls Windsor. (Garrett Barry/CBC)

If residents are vulnerable to smoke and poor air quality, the town will provide people with temporary safe accommodation or deer lake state government We recommend that you evacuate to a shelter. Release said.

Buses leave the community from 11am to 5pm. It took place Wednesday from both Joe Burn Memorial Stadium and Windsor Stadium. Residents are asked to arrive one hour prior to his departure and are advised to bring only the essentials.

Pets are allowed on the bus, but must be in a kettle or crate. Entry to the shelter is not permitted, but is protected by the Deer Lake Fire Hall Pet Shelter.

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